St Rose (Revisited-Invited)

Friday, June 28, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I have been to St Rose once before, while dropping my mom off to the airport, we stopped by and have some early brunch. This time, I was invited. Upon arrival, it's the same interior as I have seen it before. Small long cafe and almost always busy.

Gnocchi. Don't be fooled by the name of the dish. This is not an actual gnocchi. This was made of cheese that were shaped like gnocchi and more cheese were sprinkled on top of this dish. Mushrooms and seaweed were added to compliment the dish. I would say that this is an amazing dish especially to all the cheese lovers out there. However, because there are too much cheese going on in one plate, you will get bored of the same taste.

Maple Ricotta Hotcakes - Mango curd, vanilla cream, blueberries, granola, syrup ($17). The hotcakes was too sweet for my preference, even though I only used a lil bit of the honey that was given on the side. However, it’s a good balance that the hotcakes has some granola and nuts on top. The hotcakes was not as airy as I thought either. 

Salmon & The Rye - Flaked salmon, pesto, cream cheese, poached egg, rye toast ($19). The salmon was pan fried and plated on top of cream cheese sourdough. The cream cheese sourdough was the one that caught my eyes and made the dish popped up. Turns out, cream cheese and sourdough had such a beautiful combination. The sweetness from the cream compliment the saltiness of the salmon and covered by olive oil. Perfect! 

Score:St Rose
19 Rose St
Essendon, VIC 3040
Monday-Friday: 7am-4.30pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm