Short Straw (Revisited-Invited 2)

Friday, June 07, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Short Straw Spring menu is here! I have been a regular for a long time, I have come in on my own many times and I have been invited in many times as well. Always been a fan of the high ceilings, greenery and open interior. It makes the space feel spacious and airy, always bright with natural sunlight.

At Short Straw, they have fancy cold press juice that they call mocktail and it can be turn to cocktail at anytime of the day. Talking about boozy brunch, yes you can have it here. I ordered Doctor C - Orange, carrot, grapefruit, lemon & mint ($9.5). Decorated prettily with flowers, that make it even more special. The rest of the table ordered the chai and coffee.

The Long Straw - eggs your way on toast with bacon, beans, mushroom, spinach, potato hash, roasted tomato & relish ($22) add avocado ($5). This is basically big breakfast, I don't know why lately I ended up ordering big breakfast. This time, one of my friend come with me for the first time to an invitation and she pick this. I have to say super generous portions but everything needed more seasoning. The most delicious part of the plate is the hash brown, crunchy and soft on the inside.

The Short Straw - Sweetcorn, kale and zucchini fritters w/ sliced avocado, tomato relish & whipped goats cheese ($19) add bacon ($5). The bacon is nice and crispy but the overall dish, I feel need a lil more seasonings as well. Even though the corn fritters is crunchy and the tomato relish are good. I feel I need something more.

Stacks On Waffles - Saffron & caramelised banana waffles injected w/ wild strawberry coulis, topped w/ lemon curd, whipped cream & chocolate macarons ($17.5). This is the star of the day. No complain at all. The fluffy soft waffle with soury strawberry and topped with light lemon curd and abundant cream. Yum! That day they don't have macarons so they gave us oreo instead.

Short Straw
734b Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Monday-Sunday: 7am-4pm