Qipo Skewer Bar (Invited)

Monday, June 17, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Qipo Skewer Bar located hidden in the alley of Melbourne CBD. Sutherland Street is normally much more busier during the day time, due to all the cafe's opened in the morning till 3/4pm. But at night, Qipo is the only one that's open besides the internet cafe in front of the place. Qipo, next to Melbourne Star Apartment specialise in sichuan hot pot.

Upon entering the place, I love all the gimmicks, starting from the logo everywhere. The projection light at the bottom of the stairs and on level two everything pretty much decorated towards the same theme. Loyi, the person who invited was not there that night but her partner assist me and my brother all night.

There are 3 steps upon ordering: 1. Select the soup based (Spicy, Tomato, Mushrooms,Seafood or Half Half) 2. Select sauce (optional $3/pp) 3. Select the ingredients you like from the fridge or from the menu. We opted for Half Spicy and Half Mushrooms, there's also options to pick your spiciness level. We both think that the spicy broth is best to just dip in the food rather than too sip in, cause it contains very strong sichuan pepper. We also would like stronger richer mushroom broth.

As for the sauce, I go in for my usual combinations; garlic, sesame oil, green onions, sesame seeds and dark soy sauce. As for my brother he uses sesame paste and sesame sauce instead of dark soy sauce, he also add chicken powder. They have a lot of sauces ingredients to choose from and it's amazing. We also got fried pork and jelly drinks from the staff. Love the crunchy fried pork! The jelly drink is nice but the toppings is a bit too random for me.

We ordered beef rolls and take various skewers from the refrigerator. It's a fun experience and the skewers added unique experience. The item in skewers are pretty small, so it will dip in nicely to the soup and it will allow you to eat more variety. But in terms of price per skewer it's a lil bit pricey.

Qipo Skewer Bar
+6139602 1390
Level1/280 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000