No. 19 (Invited)

Sunday, June 30, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

First time visited No.19 I was so excited and to be honest I expected a lot since they had a high ratings and guess what? Do I love it or not? Let’s begin the journey.  Starting from the location its really convenient close to the tram stop even it is located in the suburb area.

The space just right, not too big yet not too small. The interior is awesome, aesthetic I would say and they consider about the natural light. I love the staffs as well, the service is quick even I came in during the lunch time and I looked after really well.

I tried their new menu which is Breakfast Ramen ($19.0) it has carshiu pork, soy egg, mushroom, bok coy with pork and chicken bone broth. Surprisingly it is type of a light ramen. The elasticity of the noodle is just right, not too hard too soft. The soy egg is flavourful as well. Their chasiu is the best in my opinion because I love smoky flavour and its a stand out taste on your mouth. The touch of the western comes from the chasiu as this one has been braised. For a better experience maybe it will be great if they asked how we would like the noodle texture to be cooked as some people love a hard texture, some people love the very soft one.

I also tried the Prawn Burger ($21.0) which capture my attention as not many burger comes with prawn. It is included king prawn patty, spicy mayo, fries, brioche, and side of chips. It is a really good deal meal which made you really full afterwards. Not like normal burger, the taste of the king prawn really there. The amount of the crumbs and the prawn meat is just right. A really balance combination with the mayonnaise. Plus you will get the chips on the side.

After 2 amazing savoury dish I can’t resist to try their new dessert (recipe from chef Steve). Cherry Hazelnut Bombe ($19.5) this is the mind blowing dessert! The plating is super elegant. The white stuffs are pink peppercorn meringue. When you dig into it, it has choco and hazelnut ice cream, pistachio and hazelnut air cake. It also got cherry sorbet on the top which give a bit of sourness to the dish. Recommended dessert and perfect for all the girls who are craving for sweet things during the period as the dish have everything in it.

My experience in no.19 was definitely meet the expectation at the beginning. Thanks to Madeline who took care of us very well and I hope the consistency of all the good stuffs above still there when I come back in the future :)

No. 19
+6139372 8777
214 Union Rd
Ascot Vale VIC 3032