Miss Ruby (Invited)

Saturday, June 15, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Miss Ruby is a charming cafe located in Bentleigh. Just a lil bit over one year old, miss ruby added a new modern addition to Centre Rd. They have three seperate spaces; in front outdoor space, long spacey airy indoor spaces with lil charming courtyard at the bank. I love the grey cement colour with a lil bit of pink an greeneries.

I haven't ordered porridge in a long time but my son loves porridge these days and I want to give him a try of a more refine porridge than my home made porridge. Porridge - orange and cinnamon scented, poached pear, Isa seeds, mixed berries & seasonal fruits ($13.9). A perfect warm dish for the winter, full of vitamins and nutritions. On top of that, their poached pear is so delicious, that I wish they put much more the dish.

Salt & Pepper Calamari - house salad, chips & sweet chilli mayo ($20.9). A classic dish that used to be available on a lot of cafe. I actually miss them. Delicious crunchy perfectly cooked calamari, also very well seasoned. The thinly cut chips is just as amazing, crunchy and addictive with creamy mayo. Yum!

Specials of the day; Mexican Chicken Benedict - pulled chicken, broccolini, homemade potato hash, hollandaise ($18.9). This dish, takes me off guard, in a very good way. Those potato hash is amazingly good, super crunchy but very well seasoned and melts in your mouth inside. Possibly, the best potato hash I have ever tasted this year. I would love more broccolini to balanced out the dish and to dip in into the generous hollandaise.

Miss Ruby
+6139557 5525
454 Centre Rd
Bentleigh VIC 3204