Miss Korea Kitchen (Invited)

Thursday, June 20, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Miss Korea Kitchen is a medium size restaurant, located very near to Camberwell station. They pride them self in serving authentic and healthy Korean cuisine for the locals. I arrived just a lil bit pass 5pm on a weekdays. I'm the first one on the restaurant.

The staff have no idea about my bookings, so does the owner. I feel that it's weird that I just talked to their social media manager, the night before. But after several conversation, everything is sorted up and I can order straight away.

We started with something fresh and light. Tea Cured Salmon - cured salmon slices with mustard lemon dressing ($19). I would love the tea flavour, to shine a bit more in the salmon but besides that it's a nice delicious piece of salmon.

Miss Korea Set Menu -Wagyu Scotch Fillet 7+ Australian wagyu, Wagyu Short Rib Meat
7+ Australian wagyu beef located between the bones, LA Galbi Korean style beef on bone, Korean Fried Rice and Vegetable 'SSAM' (450g -$69). We love this set so much, the staff cooks all the meat in front of us, torching the meat as well as grilling it which rarely happened, making it a unique experience. I think this set is highly recommended, in terms of portions and flavour. The meat were tender, flavourful and comes with tasty dipping sauce.

Soft Tofu Soup - Spicy soft tofu soup with seafood, vegetables and egg yolk ($21). I love soon do bu so much and this version met my expectations just fine. Generous fillings inside, not too spicy but strong enough in flavour and there's no fishy flavour at all.

Pancake - Pan-fried savory pancake made with egg, flour, kimchi ($18). Kimchi pancake is one of my husband most favourite Korean dish and for him this is delicious, so do I. A lil bit crisp on the outside but soft fluffy inside with generous kimchi. Love it.

Korean Samanco - Ice-Cream Cake ($7.5) and Pear Rice Wine. Last but not least, we were so full but we have to have something sweet at the end. Fish shape wafer filled with vanilla ice cream and line with strawberry jam. Simple but nice enough to end the meal, match nicely with the rice wine. I would love the rice wine to have froth on top, besides that it's an amazing meal experience.

Miss Korea Kitchen
+6139882 4999
845 Burke Rd
Camberwell VIC 3124