Kitty Burns (Invited)

Wednesday, June 26, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Kitty Burns is well known for it's beautiful interior, in fact they have won several awards in our very own country as well as International. I personally love their spaciness and airy settings. Located in Abbotsford, close to the city but upon entering you will not feel you are close to the city at all. Spacious outdoor and indoor space, filled with plants, plenty of natural lights as well as high ceilings with white and light blue shades. I'm in love. Even the cute booth with roof design is so cute.

Kitty Burns named taken from the two girls, Kitty Minogue and Alma Burns, who inspired the iconic Skipping Girl sign in the area. From the name to the interior concept, it holds strong idea. I have been to Kitty Burns several time before, one of them is when they first opened and I love their famous eton mess back then so I'm excited to see how far they have come.

KB Breez - house salmon, red onion, avocado tartar, beetroot cured quail eggs, boiled hen egg, raddish, seafood okonomiyaki, beetroot mayo, avocado rose ($23). I can see there's a lot of Japanese influence in their menu and yes, Japanese twist is really in trend these days. This dish is amazingly beautiful, very strong in presentations. In terms of flavour, love the fresh salmon and avocado match made in heaven. Okonomiyaki also a nice addition, to add a lil bit of heaviness to fill you up, it has crisp outer layer and fluffy inside. Generous eggs in the dish, the most eggs I seen in a dish ever.

4 Lattice - orange fennel pea leaf salad, popcorn chicken with seaweed, handmade beef slider and fresh egg roll with mayo ($18.5). I love the presentations on this dish, the bento box makes it unique and photographable.  I love the fresh orange and fennel salad, I would like the popcorn chicken to be a lil bit crispier and tender. My son loves the slider bun so much but the beef could be a lil bit tender and juicier. Egg roll? Love em.

French Toast - fruit jam sweet brioche sandwich, saffron poached pear, seasonal fruit, banana crumble, hazelnut spread maple cream ($19). Another beautifully presented dish, I can see now that Kitty Burns has a very strong presentation in terms of their dish. Love the poached pear as well as the brioche sandwich. A lil but heavy but the fresh fruits helps. The tic tac toe design on the plate, making it even more unique and fun.

Kitty Burns
+6139427 0164
24 Acacia Place
Abbotsford VIC 3067