Hunter Lane Cafe (Invited)

Saturday, June 22, 2019 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Hunter Lane Cafe is conveniently located right across the Rosanna train station. Proudly advertising themselves as a 'babycinno friendly place', the cafe is a popular choice amongst young mums and their bubs with its spaciousness (great for strollers).

I love cafe's like this, that's so proud to be a family friendly cafe. As a young mom my self, sometimes I find it hard to find a place that's really family friendly, in terms of settings of the cafe and the services. Just because of this, I love you Hunter Lane.

We first got our order of Huevos Rancheros which came with spicy tomato salsa, poached eggs, avo and tortilla crisps. A hearty dish, the poached eggs were perfectly oozy, and the tomato base with generous chunks of chorizo were delicious to tuck in with the tortilla crisps!

 Next was the The Big Hunt - Hunter Lane's version of a big brekkie, served with bacon, potato croquettes, halloumi, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and sauteed kale. We chose two sunny side up eggs to accompany our meal which really was perfect. Not usually a big kale person, but the kale in the dish was seasoned well, and I actually quite enjoyed the texture. The potato croquettes were a great accompaniment to the salty halloumi. Really generous portions!

Last was the Poke Bowl with smoked salmon with a pretty avo rosette and an ancient grain salad accompanied with shredded cabbage and carrot. Absolutely stunning in presentation. The bowl was accompanied by sweet soy sauce which I didn't think really went with the dish. While I personally prefer my pokes to be more rice-based, and less 'green leaves', my heath nut friend savoured the whole thing.

Hunter Lane Cafe
76 Turnham Ave
Rosanna VIC 3084

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