Dessert by Night (Revisited-Invited)

Saturday, June 01, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Dessert by Night is a place I'm very familiar with, cause it's located near by my place and it opens till late at night, making it very convenient for me to come by with brother anytime. This is my first invite to dessert by night and I'm scheduled to come in on Saturday, near their opening time. When I came in, the place basically just open and the owner are pretty much so tired because they were so busy the night before until 2am.

We were offered drinks almost straight away after Jack arrived. My husband got taro latte and normal latte for me. They also offered various matcha drinks and other innovative drinks. Next time, I'll try their matcha.

Peach Melba - vanilla panna cotta, peach compote, peach gel, raspberry coulis, fresh raspberries, vanilla crumble ($13). This is my favourite dessert out of the three, the pannacotta is so light yet remain creamy and delicious with fresh peach and a lil bit sourness from the raspberries. Yum! I would definitely come back for this.

Strawberry Parfait Sphere - fresh strawberries, strawberry gel, vanilla crumble, meringue, mascarpone cream, white chocolate croutons ($15). This is something I wanted to order since the very first time I went in to dessert by night but I'm always out voted. Turn's out it's fresh and sour, perfect dessert for strawberries lover like my kid. The meringue and croutons helps balance the flavour a lil bit towards the sweet side.

Sticky Date Pudding - butterscotch sauce, swiss meringue, macadamia, caramel mascarpone, vanilla bean ice cream ($14). At first, we wanted to order their famous pinata but it's not available that day. This is my second favourite, there's something about hot and cold dessert. Hot fluffy intensely sweet pudding, topped with rich sticky butterscotch sauce. Love it to bits.


Dessert by Night
+6139540 3453
317 Springvale Rd
Springvale VIC 3171