Bean Smugglers (Invited)

Saturday, June 08, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Choosing the right food really important for health but yummy food is a must indeed. This brunch place is kind of a hidden gem but always appeals to the crowd. Bean smugglers does not have large indoor space but they also have large outdoor area.

Starting with peppermint tea and it comes in an attractive presentation, a bit different than other cafe's. Bean Smugglers is located pretty far from the Melbourne CBD, to be specific it's in the West area. Point Cook, has become a home from many of my friends with families. A great market for restaurants since there are not many choices available, at least, not now but I can see it growing immensely.

The dish that we had was Beef Cheek. The braised beef cheek is very tender and juicy. It also have an onion jam that is very yummy to bring those fundamental taste. Smells of the cheese come from the blue cheese butter on the toast. Freshness added from the watercress and the fresh grapes which bring a bit of sweetness into the dish.

They have Miso Cured Salmon which was awesome. Comes with crispy mushroom risotto, that was more than I expected. The herb mayo is delicious for the sauce and the herb salad with the yuzu dressing bring the freshness to accompany the taste of the salmon.

Ended the journey in this lovely cafe with their Sweet Potato Waffle. I love this sweet dish. Sweet enough comes from the maple syrup but freshness still there because of the fruits. The raspberry cream cheese is bomb combined with the cocoa and almond soil.

Bean Smugglers
+6139395 1212
225-229 Sneydes Rd
Point Cook VIC 3030