Angela's Bakery (Sponsored)

Monday, June 24, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Angela's Bakery is a brand new home made online bakery that just pop up out of nowhere on my Instagram. It catch my eye straight away, cause seriously boba cake?? It's so in trend right now and it's no secret that I love my milk tea so much. I tried at least 80% of all bubble tea store in Melbourne right now.

I got the complimentary Boba Cake and the smooth milk tea cream on top and dripping on the side, it's just mouth watering. The next step is I heat up the boba in microwave for 1 minutes and steer it every 20 seconds for perfection. After that, the pouring begin! So excited to see the boba on top, then I just parts of the cafe and all the cream as well as boba just melts!! Oh, I love it so much. The sponge was so light, not too sweet. It's so easy to finish the whole cake and I taste a lil bit of saltiness as well, making the flavour even more amazing.

On the same day, I contacted them and ordered their almond cake for my friends party the next week. All my friends love how light the sponge is and the generous melting cream. We would like the almond to be a lil bit more crispy but besides that we love it. The price is also reasonable.

Angela's Bakery
Oakleigh South, Victoria