Unabara - Melbourne Central (Revisited-Invited)

Saturday, May 18, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Unabara Melbourne Central belongs to the great family of Unabara and Gyoza Gyoza group. It has many siblings across melbourne, serving all kinds of Japanese food from Japanese style shabu shabu, izakaya and more. Melbourne Central store specialise in seafood ramen, on my previous visit to Unabara I have tried them so this time I tried something else.

Besides lobster, they also served Gyoza Gyoza Tapas in this store. I tried various dishes; gyoza, wafu steak, ox tounge, zaru udon, grilled scallops and yakitori. Honestly, I always love small Japanese tapas. Perfect for me who wants a lot of things in a small portion and gyoza gyoza is the perfect place to go. Their price point is reasonable and the taste are pretty good.

Classic New York Lobster Roll and Grilled Half Lobster. Among numerous visits to Unabara, we have never tried their lobster roll. Turns out, it's above our expectation. Generous 90g chilled lobster with diced celery, red onion, generous mayo in their top notch buttered New England bun. I always love their bun, I think they are one of the best quality of unabara. So fluffy, buttery and a bit crunchy on the outside. Their half lobster is a bit disappointing this time, cause it's so small and a bit over cooked. Even though the bisque, chips and bread were nice.

The other thing that needed improvement is their service, since their price point is mid to high and they are selling luxurious seafood items. I expected the service to be more professional and friendly. But from the very start, the staff barely speak English, there's mix up orders and when I asked about the dessert, one of them says the ice cream machine is broken then turns out I saw it is not. Then I asked again, then finally they said the dessert is available. It also took them a very long time to deliver it.

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La Trobe St & Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000