Potto (Invited)

Thursday, May 02, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Potto is a small restaurant near Spencer St DFO.It's relatively new and it has their own seatings on the side of the restaurant. They are serving banh mi and rice bowls as well as snacks and drinks too. The owner Heng, told me to find his manager Jonny upon arrival.

Jonny was there to greet me and straight away taken my order cause I came in during my lunch break. I always love their Iced Green Tea ($7.2). Yes, it'sa bit pricey but it comes with green tea ice cream too. It's a nice addition to my lunch meal on my cheat day.

Signature Crispy Pork (15.9) and Miso Soup ($3). Love the crispy pork, it's perfectly done! Super crunchy yet tender and not too oily. I want more of them please! The miso soup also comes instantly and it's a proper miso soup with silken tofu and seaweed inside, pretty good. All their meal comes with salad on the bowl as well, so it has the complete nutrition.

Thai Red Curry ($13.9). I was not expecting to see curry on the menu cause I have been a customer before and I always thought, Potto is more Japanese place rather than Asian fusion but I guess they decide to change gear and it works! Love the thick flavourful curry mixed in with the rice and tender flavourful lean chargrilled Australian chicken.

Seared Salmon ($16.9). I have been in love with this since they first open but apparently they change how they served the salmon. Now, it's thinly slice and somehow I felt I get less salmon now. They used to served one whole salmon fillet. But one thing that's consistent is they remain delicious, creamy sauce and perfectly cooked salmon. Still a bit raw but seared nicely on the other side.

Sashimi Salad ($14.9). This salad is seriously refreshingly fresh and perfect for summer! Lemon dressing was so perfect with the rest of the dish and not too sour. I love the fresh salmon sashimi diced nicely and seasoned lightly. Yum!

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201 Spencer St
Docklands VIC 3008