Infuse Camberwell (Revisited-Invited)

Friday, May 31, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Infuse Camberwell has opened for quite some time now. It started with opening for breakfast and lunch then branching out for dinner too. I have been invited to Infuse Camberwell many time before but I never visit their other branch at Greensborough. Camberwell have plenty of seats, pretty spacious and child friendly.

Started with Dumplings - king prawn, scallop, ginger soy ($12) and Yellow Fin Tuna - fennel, orange dressing, mango coulis, edamame bean, fennel pickled ($15). I normally love yellow fin tuna but somehow this one it's a little bit too plain for me, the tuna needed to be seasoned a lil bit even though the presentations is amazing. The dumplings are as good as I remember.

Otway Pork Belly - chilli caramel, prawn peanut salsa, wok tossed Chinese broccoli, crackling, hot mint slaw ($26) and Nasi Goreng - brown rice, chicken skewer satay, peanuts, sunny side egg ($18). Love the crunchy pork belly with abundant prawn pieces on top of the Chinese broccoli. It's a perfect dish to eat with rice. It was a suprise that their nasi goreng it's pretty spicy but the additional egg and skewers making it authentic to Indonesian nasi goreng.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab - egg noodle, chicken mince ginger, spring onion, peppercorn, bell pepper, bean shoots ($23). This is my favourite dish out of all. Tasty well cooked egg noodle with super crunchy soft shell crab on top. Love it to bits.

Dark Chocolate Souffle - vanilla bean ice cream ($13). Honestly, it looks like souffle but for me it's closer to chocolate lava cake cause it's missing the fluffy and lightness normally exist in souffle. But for chocolate lava cake, it's really good. Dark and rich chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is always a good idea.

Infuse Camberwell
2 Burke Ave
Camberwell VIC 3123, Australia