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Friday, April 12, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Yu Kitchen opened it's door, together with Calia in Chadstone not so long a go. Boasting big names such as the 2 Michelin Star Chef Chen Kentaro, the son of the famous Iron Chef Kenichi. He exclusively created some of the dishes for Yu Kitchen. Calia Collective partner up with The Oriental & Ruyi Group in Malaysia to bring the best Chinese casual dining to Melbourne. Beautiful. elegant interior with stunning ceilings, also available for functions and they also have private room available.

Upon arriving, I was shown upstair. I can feel the vibe is so different than Calia, it's much more formal but the staff seems more aloof. It does have the vibe typical of Chinese restaurant hospitality, a bit messy and service is not exactly friendly but definitely not rude. There's one time, they are trying to show other people to their table and just move my kid high chair without saying excuse me. But mid to end of our meal, there's one staff that's so nice to us. She's not the manager but she acts professionally and with a smile. That's the service I want, especially for a high end restaurant .

Yu Kitchen have two kinds of menu on day time, Yum Cha and the regular shared dishes menu. We started of with Yum Cha; King Prawn Har Gow, Chicken Sui Mai, Imperial Xiao Long Bao, Steamed BBQ Pork Bun and Fried Wonton. Unlike in other Chinese restaurant, we have to fill in the form and they are going to deliver what we order to our table. You are not going to see trays of yum cha hovering around the restaurant. It takes relatively long and when it arrived on our table, the food is not merely warm. In terms of taste, they are good but I want more luxurious flavour such as truffle, foie gras, lobster. I want more flare injected to their Yum Cha menu.

Heavenly Swans filled with white lotus paste, Pork & Century egg congee and House Roasted Free Range Crispy Pork Roast - honey mustard. Still on the Yum Cha section, beautiful swan arrived with it's cage. Charming and it has crunchiness on the outside and thick sweet lotus paste, nicely done. My kid loves the congee, he finished it so quickly. Stunningly plated crispy roast pork and I love that the mustard was not strong, letting the beautiful piece of pork shine.

Moving on to the regular menu; French Foie Gras Chawanmushi - crab meat soup ($18.8) and Special Fried Rice. Everything that I like in one bowl; chawanmushi, foie gras and crab meat soup. The price is steep but it does have high quality ingredient in it. I do want stronger foie gras flavour in the chawanmushi and a lil truffle oil in the crab meat soup would be awesome. I'm a bit disappointed with the fried rice, cause in the picture, there's plenty of tobikko but in reality there is not and I'm not allowed to bring left over of the fried rice home for unknown reason.

Wok-seared Angus Beef Tenderloin in Kampot Pepper Osmanthus Honey ($39.8), Golden Tiger Prawns in Honey, Orange Glaze ($43.8) and Braised Baby Green Lip Abalone with Crispy Pork Belly, Lotus Root in Claypot ($59.8). Everyone on the table loves the beef so much, tender and flavourful. They do have one other beef dish with foie gras, that I'm going to try next time. It's $98, so I need to work hard for it. The prawn falls short compared to the beef, I also wanted stronger fresh flavour in the dish and maybe different type of batter to showcase the quality of the prawn better. Last main meal is a Classic Chinese dish that my husband is so familiar about, deep rich earthy flavour in one bowl.

Both of this dessert takes 30 minutes to prepared, so I ordered from the very first to make sure less waiting time but we did still wait quite a while. I'm so excited though, cause they served irregular Chinese dessert and bring's a lil bit of modern flare to it. Red Bean Soufflé with Tangerine Peel Crème Anglaise ($16.8) and Salted Egg Yolk Chocolate Lava Cake with Curry Leaf Ice Cream ($24.8). The souffle has a smooth texture and indeed fluffy but it has a strong taste of egg that the pieces of read bean can not conceal, I do like the anglaise but stronger tangerine flavour would enhanced it even more. A version of Calia's famous lava cake, the cake was as good as Calia's and the salted egg yolk was pretty subtle but oozing from the inside.

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