Minh Minh Saigon Soul (Invited)

Friday, April 26, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Minh Minh Saigon Soul just turned 21, around a month a go. In Melbourne. that's a huge achievement where the competition is high, restaurant come and goes all the time. Thien, the owner, who I have met in his other restaurant at Ascot Vale, Saigon Soul is there to greet me once I arrived for early dinner on a Saturday.

The orange wall full of pictures of the 21 year journey, charming hat ceilings and wall art on one side of the room creates a warm, cozy yet modern vibe. It's well decorated compared to most of the restaurant on their street but a price point that's not so different from the others as well. Making it approachable and perfect for functions. There was also a huge crowd who wants to quick dine in pre game that day.

Duck Spring Rolls ($8/2pcs) and Yummy Quail ($12/1pcs). Both of the starters comes so quick, I think they are used to serving people for pre game and they are all in a hurry. Spring rolls arrived pipping hot, duck is definitely a unique luxurious filling compared to original prawn or pork. The tasty quail, packed full of complex flavour, sweet, tasty and a lil bit acidity. Crispy outer layer but tender inside, just nicely done.

Beef Pho ($13.5). My son loves pho so much, so whenever I see pho on the menu, I ordered them. It was delicious, broth was rich, silky noodle and tender beef. My baby eats half of the portions on his own and he's just two. Happy mom.

Sexy Chef ($19) and South East Asia Prawn ($24). My husband picked both of these dishes, he literally having a tough times choosing what to order cause he want so many things from the menu. That's always a good thing. Sexy Chef comes in foil pouch with fire underneath, so cool! It's crispy beef with sweet rich taste and vegies, super delicious. Then the prawn was refreshingly light sauce letting the fresh succulent prawn as the main star with generous vegies in the bottom.

I love all the food, I'm already planning to come back with my family. I would like to try their crispy barramundi and lucky duck next time. The only thing I would like from this restaurant is to add more desserts variations to it's menu cause at the moment, they only have one; banana fritters with ice cream.

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Minh Minh Saigon Soul
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