Cha Co (Invited)

Sunday, April 28, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Cha Co is a small but sleek bubble tea counter at Bourke St, just beside the famous Tim Ho Wan. I have actually passed buy this alley quite some time and noticed the counter but never tried it, till now. Thanks to Thien, the owner I managed to come in on a Sunday afternoon and have a blast!
When I arrived, Thien it's not there but his manager treat us like Queen and Kings, he picked a bunch of drinks for her and served them to us. Yes, the waiting time are quite long but that's probably cause he's making 8 drinks for us while still taking orders from the other customers as well. He only has one other person helping him at the back.

Starting with their fruit ranges; Superfruit ($7.2), Grapefruit Jasmine Tea ($6.8), Watermelon Jasmine Tea ($6.8) and Lychee Jasmine Tea ($6.8). I know I love superfruit, watermelon and lychee drinks but never thought I would like grapefruit the most. It has specific sour and fresh flavour that only grapefruit has, I enjoyed that so much and would probably order it again compared to others, just because it's unique.

Speaking of unique drinks, I'm quite impressed with the menu. They do have some drinks, that's not common in other bubble tea store. God knows how many types of bubble tea store exist nowadays. Brown Sugar Latte with Cheese ($6.8) and Sugarcane Cheese Green Tea ($7.5). Brown sugar is pretty much everywhere and people love them, me too, so no surprise with that. Different case with sugarcane, I'm pretty familiar with it but never with cheese and this is something that I don't find in other bubble tea store. Surprisingly refreshing and mixed well with creamy cheese.

Last but not least; Rich Earl Grey Cheese Tea ($6.2) and Caramelized Brown Sugar Latte. They actually brewed the tea in front of us so it's not pre made and you can really taste the strong earl grey flavour in it. Aromatic and delicious. I love it. Cha Co also served coffee and they are pretty good at it, one of their special menu is hot coffee with brulee top which also torched in front of you. It's a nice addition to coffee menu, they also have coffee with bubble.

Besides unique, I do find their price are reasonable considering they only have one size which is large. I would like to come and try their avocado cheese, I wonder how it taste since avocado is pretty rich in taste as well as cheese.

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Cha Co
206 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000