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Calia remain a popular place at it's original restaurant at Emporium. It has been a phenomenon since it's open for business, years a go. After it's second venture, Cafe Blush also turned into a successful business, Jason Chang, the owner of Calia Collective, taken a brave leap and opened a spacious second branch of Calia at Chadstone Shopping Mall. It's not a surprising news to me since I have heard the news from Jason him self, around a year before. Located where Louis Vuitton museum used to be. It has gigantic outdoor and indoor area, the biggest restaurant space in Chadstone Shopping Mall.

Calia in Chadstone have a wider ranged menu than Emporium, they also have some items only available in this branch. I went in early on a Saturday to avoid the crowd. It was a cold morning, I started with Hojicha Latte and Matcha Latte, both have cute teddy bear on top.

Smoked Salmon Sashimi - Smoked salmon sashimi with passionfruit & sesame vinaigrette ($18.8) and Baked Scallops - creamy miso topped with ikura ($14.9). The two first entree were a big bang of drama and delicious flavour. The salmon sashimi literally comes with smokes, love the drama so much even more the smokey aroma and taste. It gives a classic salmon sashimi, a modern twist and the passionfruit was subtle but enough to add some freshness as well as acidity. Move on to the perfectly cooked scallops with super creamy miso. Yum!

Sake Butter Clams - Sake marinated clams cooked in fragrant dashi butter ($17.2) and French Foie Gras Chawanmushi - Savoury steamed egg custard with french foie gras  ($16.8). Clams were perfectly cooked but I was expecting a stronger aromatic buttery flavour from the broth, same with the chawanmushi, perfectly cooked, soft smooth texture but would like more French Foie gras flavour embedded in the egg it self.

Unagi Bowl - Grilled eel with homemade unagi sauce and truffle egg ($21.6) and Toro Bowl - air flown Japanese toro glazed with nikiri sauce & toro tartare ($42.8). Both of these bowls are our family regulars, despite all those years, it remains consistent in flavour. Delicious as ever. It's amazing how they can maintain the freshness and quality of their toro.

Calia Wagyu Bowl With 63° Egg - premium air flown A5 Japanese wagyu ($79.8) and Ultimate Bowl - Uni, full blood wagyu, french foie gras, ikura and 63° egg ($69). This two is the main star at Calia and I never tried them before, one of the staff recommended us to try it. A5 wagyu never disappoints when cooked properly. Yes the price is very high but once in a while enjoying something delicious as a treat is a cherry on top of the cake. I do find the ultimate bowl to be a lil bit small compared to the others but the foie gras was perfectly cooked, a lil crisp but melted in your mouth. Uni also still holds it's body means they are fresh, a touch more ikura would be great.

Matcha Lava Lava - A rich enticing chocolate lava cake with oozing warm matcha ganache ($16.9) and Brown Sugar Boba Cake - Hojicha-infused boba molten chiffon cake ($11.9). At first, I only want to order the boba cake cause I had the matcha lava before. But, the staff insist I should have it. No need to comment on the most popular matcha lava cake in Melbourne, cause we know it's good. The hojicha sponged cake was light and I can clearly taste the hojicha in it, which I love. The brown sugar added a lil bit sweetness and aromatic aspects to it then the bobba created a flare to this dish. Very much in trend.

Jason not only opened Calia at Chadstone but also take over the second level on top of Calia and transformed it into casual dining Chinese restaurant, Yu Kitchen. Service in Calia was top notch, friendly and fast. They also have a good knowledge of the dishes which is really important to me. Total I rated Calia a strong 4.5 but for zomato purposes I put in a 5.

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Calia Chadstone
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