Hash CBD (Revisited-Invited)

Friday, March 15, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

This is the time to call out your friends and families for brunch and say good bye to Melbourne winter! Hash speciality got two brunch store one in CBD and another one in Camberwell. I went to the CBD with my friend and the staff are very friendly and welcoming. The ambience is a bit darker than many brunch places that I have visited where they normally have a cheerful and bright ambience; hash speciality is more elegant and aesthetic design. 

My friend and I ordered their speciality drinks with cotton candy experience. She got matcha and I tried their summer menu called Hash Rosa. To be honest their creativity quite impressive and made me excited to try the drinks. However, it was hard for me to pour the drinks into the cotton candy glass without make any mess. It is really fun experience indeed!

The Hash Rosa contained chilled pineapple base, peach and rose bud tea with coconut milk remind me of Pina Colada. It is a really light and easy to drink. The matcha is awesome. Its quite different with the normal matcha latte. The flavour got a little bit of sweetness from the cotton candy  and it got a rich creamy flavour. Don’t worry you still taste the matcha anyway. 

I was feeling like mushroom and of course they have Truffled Mushroom (the waiter told me this is a really popular dish). Without any doubt it got trio mushroom, polenta crisp, spinach and poached egg. It is filling enough with for the big portion. As I am a big fan of truffled mushroom, I think added more truffle oil to the dish would be nice to get more flavour also the smells.

My friend ordered Corn and Jalapeno Fritters because it sounds interesting. It comes with smash avo, radish, green salsa, poached egg and labneh. It is a unique dish where they combined the usual corn fritters dish and smash avo then it become something extra ordinary. The sweetness from the corn, spicy from the jalapeno, and a bit of sour from radish are balancing each other. In my opinion, more salty flavour in the dish would add yummy feeling for the customers. 

Shoutout for Hash Speciality’s creativity which they put into the meal and drinks. Looking forward for the new innovation. 

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