Flovie Florist Cafe (Invited)

Friday, March 29, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Flovie Florist Cafe is a brand new cafe in Carlton. Not just a regular cafe but a florist cafe. They combined the beautiful aromatic flower environment with delicious gorgeous food in one place. Align with the owners background, they also added Asian-fusion flavour into their menu. First level consist of speciality florist and cafe, second level is their private event space which I'm curious to see.

Butterfly pea latte ($7) - butterfly pea tea, vanilla, sea salt, soy milk and Rose tea latte - sensational rose tea, roasted pistachio, coconut milk ($7.5). I have never heard about butterfly pea before, it's a type of Asian flower. Also known as Clitoria ternatea, Asian pigeonwings, bluebellvine, blue pea, cordofan pea and Darwin pea. In the latte butterfly pea just a very subtle aromatic flavour with a pretty natural baby blue colour. As the rose tea latte, I would like a lil bit stronger rose flavour and lighter milk to partnered with so I can taste more of the rose.

Flovie have several "perfume" mocktail which I found intriguing. I picked Little Mermaid - strawberry, lemon, mint, butterfly pea, edible flowers ($9) just because it change colour and my favorite disney princess is Ariel. It's fun, smell incredibly nice and so beautifully presented as well as not too sweet.

Cha Siu Pulled Pork + Eggs Benny - mandarin hollandaise, pan fried mantou, fresh cucumber, pickles, fried shallots ($20). I love the fried mantou in the dish, given it another extra Asian flavour in it. The sweet charsiu turns a bit mussy when comes in contact with the runny egg and acidic mandarin hollandaise. But the fried shallots and mantou balanced the dish quite well.

Lamb Shank Bourguignon - mashed sweet potato, mushrooms, roasted green beans, roasted pickled onion, pomegranate ($25). Fall of the bone lamb with no unpleasant smell lamb at all. I also love the mashed sweet potato and would like more of that on the plate. The whole dish taste earthy, deep and rich. Through out the meal, the service was fast and polite. Both of the owner was friendly as well as very involved in the business.

Flovie Black Forrest Hotcakes - cherry compote, chocolate creme anglaise, cherry chocolate ganache, mascarpone chantilly, chocolate soil ($20). The hotcakes takes 20 minutes to make but I don't mind to wait at all for this fluffy warm and light hotcakes. Perfectly partnered with soury cherry compote and creamy mascarpone chantilly on top. I do want fresh fruits on the plate, just to give it a lil more freshness and acidity. Instead of a whole rose, maybe petals would look more delicate and elegant. Don't get me wrong the rose was in full bloom and so beautiful.

The savoury dish could be improved and push a lil bit more in terms of flavour and presentations. What I love is the whimsical interior, the smell of flower, unique menu that's not all similar with other cafe's. Honestly, Flovie excites me and that's a lot for me to say cause I went to at least four cafe every week. Sometimes, it's all the same concept, all the same menu. Flovie actually brings something different and excitement to the cafe business. Total is a 4.5 for me but for zomato purposes I put in a 5.

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Flovie Florist Cafe
+6139348 1279
261-263 Queensberry St
Carlton VIC 3053