Rice Kitchen (Invited)

Friday, January 25, 2019 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Rice Kitchen is a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant, sitting in the same location used to be What The Pho? Lili the owner, invited me in. She is a very friendly and warm person, I can feel her motherly vibe as well. She basically recommended us to order most of the things in the menu cause there were five of us including my kid. They also have unique drinks to try.

Hanoi Spring Rolls - crab & pork fried rice paper spring rolls ($4.5), Fresh Pho Rolls with Beef - tender beef, salad, pickles, rice noodle sheet ($10.8). Crunchy outer layer with abundant meat inside, this is one of the best spring rolls I had in Melbourne for quite some time. I never been into rolls before but oh boy, this one is so good. Very light, yet flavourful with abundant meat in the middle.

Grilled Lemongrass Duck - salad, banh hoi wraps, fish sauce ($18). I never had lemongrass duck before, it's delicious and tender. Rich, deep, earthy flavour with stringy soft noodle and abundant sauce to dip into. It's fun, a nice way to break the ice on the first date.

Lemongrass Lamb Ribs - BBQ lamb ribs, sticky lemongrass sauce, herbs salad ($15.5). I don't usually like lamb because of the pungent smell but I don't mind this one at all, I even like it. No smell at all, very tender, fall of the bone with rich sauce.

Rice Flake Popcorns - salad, chilli mayo ($18). This dish is one of my favourite for sure, I can eat it all day. Cute lil crunchy ball of prawns with chilli mayo. Really, nothing not to like. Addictive on it's own. Perfect comfort food.

Banana Leaf Barramundi - grilled tumeric barramundi wrapped in banana leaf ($18). This reminded me a lil bit of home, in Indonesia we also use a lot of tumeric in our dish. One of my favourite dish by my grandma is her tumeric fried chicken. Using the same spices in fish, making the tumeric flavour more prominent in firmly grilled fish.

Wagyu Beef Pho - sliced wagyu beef, slow cooked brisket pho, iron cast Tetsu pot ($16.8). I did not expect the pho to have such a rich, depth flavour. The broth is sweet so does the tender beef, my kid loves it so much, so do I. I would love to come back for this.

Panna Cotta & Chia, Longan - cream cheese panna cotta, chia, pandan syrup pudding, longan, toasted almond flakes ($12) and Sago Pudding & Tropical Fruits ($10). I found their pannacotta needs more creaminess in it and more cream cheese flavour, it has potential but needed to be more refine. Contrary on the sago, I want more refreshing flavour to brighten up the dessert. More fresh food would add layers of flavour.

We thought the overall taste were good through out the whole meal. We were seated outside due to the lighting was too dim and yellow inside. The weather was nice which is fine but it's under a tree, sometimes leaves fall over which is a bit distracting. Besides the shared meal, they also have individual lunch menu for quick lunch.

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Rice Kitchen
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