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Uni Boom Boom is a mini restaurant belongs to Pacific Sea Urchin. Which means they served the freshest uni in Australia using Australia sea urchin. Pasific Sea Urchin is the first suppliers for Australia Sea Urchin and they are also specialise in Bird's Nest product, abalone and many more exquisite product. Uni Boom Boom located in a bit off from the usual Glen Waverly restaurant crowd.

I had the chance to meet the owners, team of husband and wife. The husband mainly focus on bird's nest and the wife on sea urchin, what a team. Just recently, they decided to open a retail mini restaurant to showcase their products. Which I think it's a genius idea, Melbourne does not have a restaurant focusing on uni and they are the first. Uni normally just a special's on restaurant. It's hard to find uni as fresh as in Japan and uni tend to have mushy goey texture when it's not fresh. This mini restaurant also function as their museum, retail front and testing ground for their potential client.

Bird's nest is long known for it's nutritious value in Asia country. It is believe to speed up recovery, promote beauty, maintain youthness, men vitality and many more. I consumed birds nest since I was a kid, not regularly but every now and then. I also consumed it often during pregnancy for the vitality of my body as well as the baby, it is also believe to help prevent allergies. Since eczema is very common in Australia and almost all of my friends's baby got it, I grew a bit paranoid during pregnancy. My dear best friend, gave me a huge chunk of birds nest every now and then for me to take during pregnancy and my baby never got eczema or any kid of allergies. My skin also remain moist and healthy through out the whole period.

Naturally, when I saw Nest on the menu, there's no hesitance in me to order them; Australian Exclusive Edible Nest Milk Tea ($15), Peach Gum Milk Tea ($9) and Low Sugar Bird's Nest drink. I love milk tea, there's no secret to that, add bird's nest, love em even more and it make's them healthy. This is my first time trying peach gum, they also contain nutritious value such as promoting your skin health. Calling all the ladies, all of this drinks promotes your beauty as well as delicious. Last but not least, the owner comes in and bring me this cute low sugar drink. Presented nicely, fitting to the theme and perfect for someone who does not like sweet or milk on their drink but still want to consume the super nest.

The only thing I found it hard on the menu, it's kids menu. Yes, they do have kids menu but it's only one and I find that limiting. As their price is also high, it's quite hard to pick kids menu. For other menu, it's understandable and fitting for the price to be high. At first, I wanted to order their pasta for my boy but the run out of it that day, so I opted for Tamago Sesame Don - masago, tamago ($19).

Now comes the star of the day; Premium Uni Boom Boom Don - 100g Grade AAA Sea urchin, ikura, masago, quail egg, seaweed salad ($68), Ootoro Uni Don - blue fin tuna belly, sea urchin, salmon roes  ($45) and Foie Grass ($15). Hands down the best uni I have ever tasted in Melbourne or even Australia. It's the closest thing to Hokkaido Market uni in Japan. I tasted both the regular and premium uni, both of them are delicious, even the regular is already top of the line in Australia but the texture and flavour is more prominent in the premium range. If you are a big fan of uni like I am, this place is heaven for you. It's also partnered with abundance ikura, masago, giving you the crunchy pop flavour in your mouth than ended with rich quail egg and some freshness from the seaweed. Move on to ootoro, again one of the best quality you could find in Australia. They even sent it to Japan and got approved for flavours, so yea peeps. It's that good, burst full of fat and healthy oil in your mouth. Last but certainly not least, my other favourite Foie Gras. Cooked perfectly, a lil bit crisp on the outside but remain melt in your mouth inside. More? Yes, please!

When I thought the meal ended, the owner comes and bring us; Bird's Nest White Chocolate Truffle, Various Bird's Nest Macaron's and Bird's Nest French Sherry. This is part of their high tea set but they served us as a dessert. I never seen or tasted bird's nest high tea before, this is unique beyond believe and the price is pretty reasonable. Below $100 per person for now and they are running promotion for it too.

The price for a rice bowl is high but for the portions, quality and the flavours they put on one single bowl, it's 100% worth it. I will be coming for more for sure, my husband has been craving for more since we left the restaurant. My brother has been dying to come since he miss the first visit. I love you uni boom boom.

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Uni Boom Boom
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