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Saturday, November 03, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Shu is a unique establishment with interiors that really reflect the artsy soul of Collingwood! Combining modern vegan and Schezhuan cuisines, Shu delivers beautiful flavours. They do $25 experimental vegan nights every Tuesday for those of you interested (it's definitely worth it!) We were lucky to try their Spring vegan menu and started off with some of their raw appetisers.

The appetisers were so unbelievably good! The best vegan food for me is characterised by me not thinking "Okay, yep that's vegan alright" and focusing on the flavours instead. The Daikon Roll with spring splants and sesame soy cream were super fresh and crisp. My favourites though were the Silken Tofu with green chili salsa, sprouts and plum salt on nuts. The tofu was so packed with different flavours that shocked me! Its raw tofu with raw ingredients - and I was honestly expecting bland flavours. So glad I was wrong! The Tomato Medley on Tempeh Cracker was so amazing as well! Words actually cannot describe how great the combination of flavours were. The 'feta' cheese on the cracker? So much better than its non-vegan sister. I was so excited for the surprise of the next dish now!

We then moved to the Picnic section of our night. First up was the lightly grilled veggies which had a lovely work-char flavours running through it. Next was the Fried Tofu . I really enjoyed the use of salted mustard greens which made the tofu so savoury and addictive! Last was the Eggplant dish which really made it clear how genius the restaurant was in fusing Schezuan flavours! Such a genius combination. The burnt chili paste and puffed rice just burst with umami and the soft eggplant was just divine!

On to the 'Childhood Memories' section of our meal! Using the full force of the famous Schezhuan numbing chili, we were served the Shirataki spring pea wontons. The sauce was too salty, but the Schezhuan flavours were amazing. The wonton wrapper itself was so authentic - definitely a 10/10!

Then, we tried the Mung bean noodle soup with soybeans and Schezhuan pepper. The escalating hints of spiciness throughout our course has prepared us for the spiciest dish yet. The soup was the right balance of salty, sour and spicy! It was very spicy, but magically I couldn't stop myself from finishing the whole bowl of soup! Our last main dish was the Wok fried Asian mushrooms with sticky rice ball. The rice itself was too salty on its own, but combined with the mushrooms they were perfect. The dish reminded me of one my favourite childhood dishes - bacang!

For dessert, we had the Avocado cheesecake with dried kumquat and coconut sago. The first bite was an out of the body experience. It took me while to regain my grounding. Such is the creative exploit of the cheesecake. I liken this dish to a puzzle, it was not clear at all how this creamy avocado is a cheesecake, only when all pieces are in place, does my mind lead to a grand epiphany that this is a cheesecake indeed.

I truly that believe that great restaurants are ones that keep its diners in excitement - Shu truly achieves this magnificent feat. We truly were spoiled in the range of flavours and surprises that our dinner had brought us.

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