Sassi & Co

Friday, November 30, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sassi & Co is Melbourne based Boxed Goodies service. They are specialised in Donut Packs, Donut Bouquets, Giant Cookies and other Boxed Goodies. Fitting for all occasions; Birthday, Christmas, Valentines and more.

The owner contact me on Instagram for a collab and turns out it's perfect for my birthday month. My husband's birthday is just two days before mine and he loves donuts, so I opted for their donut bouquets. This is the first time I ever heard and see donut bouquets. Delivered right to my front door. Didn't expect it to be decorated so properly and arranged so nicely and another wonderful surprise was the donut flavours. The dough was so fluffy and soft, not too sweet.

Not only the boxes are beautiful, they are also delicious. It's highly appreciated when the two combined. Everything is available on their website.

Sassi & Co