Nong Tang (Invited)

Sunday, November 25, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Nong Tang just turn one. Yay! Big congratulations to the team. I came in a couple days after the celebration day, on a quite Saturday for an early lunch. The location is so strategic at the heart of Melbourne CBD.

We started with a couple of side dishes; Nong Tang Duck Maryland in soy sauce ($8.5), Old Nong Tang Eight Treasure in soy sauce - pork, chicken, potato, carrot, bean curd, onion, Chinese chilli sauce ($5.5) and Shanghai braised pork meatballs in soy sauce. The owner said, woman mainly loves the duck which he was right cause I like that the most and the man loves the meatball, he was right again cause my husband loves that the most. Tender rich duck and melts in your mouth with punching flavour meatballs.

Shanghai traditional noodle - soup, Chinese cabbage, spring onion ($13) and Shanghai traditional dry noodle - spring onion, sesame oil. The owner said, in Hong Kong people can eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a couple of side dishes and normally put it on top of the noodle. My son loves the soup noodle, warm in your stomach and very hearty. I loves the dry, more flavourful and slightly feels naughtier.

He also gave us; Shanghai traditional pan fried pork dumpling ($12.8), Pork & Prawn wonton in chilli oil ($9.8) and Black Pepper Beef. He was super generous that we have take away a lot of these things for dinner. The black pepper beef has a punching pepper flavour that I love, super tender meat and generous vegies. To my surprise the wonton does not taste spicy, it's very light in chilli flavour and has a sweetness to it.

The owner was so friendly, warm and funny, he remain talking to us from beginning to end. He also gave me the cold chicken to taste at home when I mention I love Nan Jing cold duck. Honestly, I love cold food so it's natural I like the chicken too. Light in flavour and fresh, perfect for hot summer weather.

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Nong Tang
+6139639 9258
16/200 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000