Grand Lafayette (Invited)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Grand Lafayette is the same with Cafe Lafayette previously in Port Melbourne. They moved to Prahran with a huge upgrade. Large, spacious open area are now under their feature, as well as they also open at night for all you can eat sushi. So yes, the Japanese theme still intact with a brand new innovative dishes displayed from the beginning to end.

They are merely open for days when I visited on a Sunday morning. I like the venue straight away, grand and modern, that's what come to mind. Colourful art walls on both sides and long wide open windows on the other side.

I wanted to try the rose monster drinks but apparently they run out of it so I picked honey instead. An innovative drink indeed, also refreshing and healthy. Perfect for upcoming hot weather. Their rainbow latte is super impressive and stays like that for quite some time.

Braised Pork Belly Gua Bao - crushed peanut, coriander, pickles ($10). The pork belly was diced and put in generously inside the bao. No complain at all, fluffy warm bao with melt in your mouth pork belly. Who doesn't like that?

Confit Duck - 48hrs slow cooked duck leg served with black rice, onion, chorizo, broccolini, pumpkin toast ($28.8) add extra scrambled egg ($6). I'm seriously loving the trend of putting once was fine dining protein to brunch cause that's mean I can get them easily on day time with lower price. Confit duck is one of my favourite thing on the menu right now, super crispy skin, tender meat with just enough amount of rice topped with melt in your mouth scramble egg and extra sweetness from the pumpkin.

Salmon & Soba bowl - buckwheat noodles, black sesame paste, slow cooked salmon, soy egg, radish, cocktail sauce ($26.8) add extra avocado ($5). If you are looking for something light and refreshing than this is your obvious choice. Served cold with generous cocktail sauce and perfectly pinkish in the middle salmon. I would eat this all day, especially on a 40 degree weather. Oh and that soy egg, super delicious. Well done.

Closing act; Melon Hot Cake - seasonal fruits, creamy honeydew sauce ($19.5) and Mint Raindrop Cake ($9). I saw matcha waffle on their menu but decided to order something that's not common which is melon hot cake. The hot cake was thin and pretty crispy on the outer layer, I would like a lil bit more of softer layer inside but the cream that comes with it was so delicious that it overcomes all. The honeydew sauce also one of the main star, so fresh and sweet with fresh honeydew and brown sugar on the side. Another two thumbs up. Ending with what they are famous for, the raindrop cake. I have tried all their flavour besides mint. I have to say it's different but I prefer the original brown sugar with the super jiggly jelly.

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Grand Lafayette
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9 Clifton St
Prahran VIC 3181