Dish and Spoon (Invited)

Saturday, November 17, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Dish and Spoon is a family cafe, welcome kids of any kinds and even the staff loves kids. So parents you can breath a lil bit easier at Dish and Spoon. Why do I so confidently say this? Cause I came in with a 13 months old that just started walking, my friend daughter and that she was not feeling well. We predicted she is teething again. So imagine she still finds walking very very new and interesting plus the cranky teething. Moms, you know what I mean. But the staff at Dish and Spoon was so friendly and understanding from the beginning to end.

I started with their Orange Blossom and Mint Lemonade ($6). It's been a recipe in their family for years, both Frank and his wife wants this cafe to be comfortable and feels like family. A lot of their recipes is personal to them. I'm in love with their lemonade, fresh, no soda but aromatic from the orange blossom.

Dish & Spoon Bomba - Bomba with hand cut berkshire bacon, Kurobuta chorizo crumb, poached eggs, tomato & tarragon hollandaise with spiced pepper puree ($19.5). This is the absolute winner out of all, started as a special and the demand grew and they make it permanent. I can definitely see why, cause I'm in love with it. The bomba was super flavourful and not too dense or heavy, partnered with melt in your mouth egg yolk, creamy hollandaise and salty chorizo crumb as well as thick bacon. Yum! Delicous, naughty and the perfect manly breakfast or not since I love it also.

Eco Kale & Parmesan Gnocchi - Hand made gnocchi with pear, asparagus, edamame, dehydrated tomato, garlic, chilli & goats cheese ($21). Perfectly made and cooked gnocchi with refreshing pear in it, love it so much that I wish there's more in it in the dish. The gnocchi was bouncy but also melts on the centre with nice amount of saltiness from the parmesan.

Pistachio & Olive Oil Cake - Vanilla braised rhubarb, burnt orange gel, orange segments & pistachio granola with spiced orange labneh ($16). Nope, no pancake and waffles here! But don't panic, this is better than that and healthier. Their cake was so moist, crumbly and melt in your mouth that I could not stop. Partnered with refreshing orange and soury rhubarb, just simply fantastic. I would love a touch of vanilla anglaise or creme with it, I think it would be delicious together.

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Dish and Spoon
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Camberwell VIC 3124