Clubhouse Malvern (Invited)

Sunday, November 18, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Clubhouse Malvern comes from the people behind the awesome Tinker, Penta and MOB. Yes, if you love them for their pannacotta, they have another trick on their sleeves. Owned by Julien Moussi, Kristy-Lea Moussi, Adam Vocale, Stuart Deva, Ben Argentino and Nicky Campbell successfully launch another cafe after Bentwood, Fitzroy in 2017.

This time the cafe is spacious, open with plenty of natural lighting. White with a cute indoor courtyard at the back, making Melbourne cold days seems better. And their coffee comes from Inglewood. The cafe is perfect for large group and families due to the space they have. Started with Ice chocolate, Green Smoothie and Coffee. Sadly, the iced chocolate was soo watery that it's lacking the chocolate flavour and green smoothie that I love (I tasted the same combination at Penta etc) has prominent vegie taste that I don't like but the coffee was good.

Salmon Sashimi Flora Bowl - avocado, pickled ginger, pickled red cabbage, edamame, pineapple kimchi, shichimi, wasabi peas soy, carrot sriracha mayo, black sesame, brown rice ($22.5). The price is a bit high but the flavour combination works and I love it. That pineapple kimchi is unique and delicious. Perfect summer go to dish that I'll order again and again. Fresh flavour.

Burrata Cheese - savoury granola, fried basil, chilli balsamic, heirloom tomatoes, target beetroot, mint EVOO, sourdough ($17.5) extra bacon ($3). This dish intrigues me because it's so different than anything I saw on the menu all over cafe in Melbourne and of course the burrata tempts me. The burrata was pretty blend and I find this dish was too dry as well as the bacon is half burned, not crispy burned, soggy burned. Pretty disappointed.

Black Forrest Panna Cotta - chocolate panna cotta, vanilla coral sponge, raspberry jelly, lace cookie, pomegranate molasses, biscuit crumb ($19). The winner of all and what's Clubhouse Malvern famous for and it's as good as they say. Super rich goey chocolate with sour pomegranate smeared on the bottom and fresh jelly topped with fresh berries. Delicious for any seasons. The only thing is I wanted the biscuit crumb to be smaller, easier bite sizes to be eaten with spoon.

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Clubhouse Malvern
+6139822 8268
1290 Malvern Rd
Malvern VIC 3144