Vegie Mum (Invited)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The Vegie Mum in Fitzroy has a distinct late 80s vibe with its woodsy, classic Chinese restaurant interiors. With Lionel Richie blasting in the background, it was the place your parents probably went out on dates on. Or probably took you out for a family dinner. The thing that makes Vegie Mum special is the fact that all their food items are vegetarian.

We were first served the Peking Duck Wraps. It took a few seconds before I realised that I was in a vegetarian restaurant. The smell of the wraps were so authentically hoisin! The wraps were soft, and the Peking 'Duck' actually tasted pretty good! Upon closer inspection, 'The Duck' was made from intricately layered beancurd skins. Deep fried beancurd skins? Yum!

Next up, the was the Thai Style Diced Steak with Basil. It's been so long since I've had Chinese dishes served up in a hot plate! Again, I am still wondering how they created the steak? Unlike a lot of vegan 'meats' that taste doughy, the texture of the steak here was actually pretty good. I wasn't the biggest fan of the strong basil flavours, but overall, I liked the char of the veggies and the steak.

Lastly, they served us a Shanghai-style Pork which came in tiny skewers. This was definitely my favourite dish of the day. Again, the texture of the 'meat' was pretty good, and I really enjoyed the sweet and sour flavours of the sauce!

I had a slightly pounding headache reaction from the levels of MSG from the restaurant. But overall, I really did enjoy the interesting experience of dining with vegetarian meats!

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Vegie Mum
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