Tmix Launch (Invited)

Saturday, September 08, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Tmix is a brand new tea place in Emporium. Yes, tea place has been popping up like crazy all around Melbourne. Different brand, different mixtures, different teas, different foams and so on. It's very hard to choose and it seems all of them have their own fans cause all of them seems to be pretty packed these days.

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The layout design of the store is great, is spacious and very different for a tea house. Lighting was great too and it offers seating space for few people, so you could drink and have donut there intead of only take away. The event was very fun, I met lots of interesting people. The is DJ and 2 photo booth, one of them let you have a printed copy to bring home and soft copy sent to your mobile. They provide props to take picture with too which makes it a lot more fun.

All the donuts are very good , it is crsipy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The size of the donut is great as it is very sweet therefore the small size makes it perfect. Black forest, the strawberries are very fresh and goes well with the chocolate and the custard filling. It also look very appealing in terms of presentation.Macintosh HD:Users:jeeshan:Downloads:IMG_4279.JPG
The coconut with custard filling. This is my favorite, it might not look appealing, but once you bite it, the coconut flakes is very crispy and it cover the whole donut. The custard is not very sweet as well therefore makes great combination with the sweet coconut taste.Macintosh HD:Users:jeeshan:Downloads:IMG_4280.JPG

On the event, they serve many kinds of donuts, the one with coffee beans is very well presented as well. All the donuts look crispy and pretty. I just want to eat them all or bring them home cause I just simply want it all.
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Tmix provide small burgers as well, this burgers are very very nice and also looks very very nice. It is perfect to have with the donuts they are serving. This is the only savoury dish, they served on the day. Provided a nice break from all of that sweetness.
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Triple chocolate, I had triple chocolate donuts before at other places, but I have to say, this one really did it, it is evry full of chocolate sauce in it. And the chocolate powder on top is very yummy too. It is the perfect donut to have for a person who likes chocolate.Macintosh HD:Users:jeeshan:Downloads:IMG_4285.JPG

Thai milk tea donut is always an appeal to me. Anything that has an Asian flair, I would jump on it. And yes it looks very attractive however I find this to very sweet. Overwhelmingly sweet that I could not finish it all by my self.Macintosh HD:Users:jeeshan:Downloads:IMG_4294.JPG

We ordered, dragon fruit and passionfruit yuzu tea. The dragon fruit drink is very refreshing. Very instagramable too. I like the cup design of the chilled drink. The size is very generous too. I also like their variant of mojito drinks.Macintosh HD:Users:jeeshan:Downloads:IMG_4297.JPG

The passionfruit fruit yuzu tea is a hot tea, full of passion fruit however could taste any other taste than passionfruit. Is it like drinking a hot passionfruit tea .
There are many other unique flavour that I think would be worth trying. But for the donuts, it is a must to order coconut and triple chocolate.

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They offer quite a range of tea. They serve cold and hot as well. What unique about the tea is they also serve tea with cream cheese on top of the tea as well. I personally dont like cream cheese, but my friend ordered the one with cream cheese and she enjoyed it very much. So you might want to try the cream cheese if youre into cream cheese. Macintosh HD:Users:jeeshan:Downloads:IMG_4290.JPG

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Level 3 Shop 44 Emporium Melbourne