Linger Patisserie Cafe (Invited)

Monday, September 17, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Linger Patisserie Cafe sitting on a unique spot, beside a church and the interior of the cafe it self looks like a traditional catholic church. What make me turn my heads was their cakes, super cute creative cakes. Funny that the interior was so traditional but the cakes are so innovative, creative and modern. A contrast that I found a lil bit uncanny.

I went in for the first time by invitation but I have visited them a couple of times before. Yes, it means I like them. So good review is very much expected here. Starting with my favourite their duck confit. Super crispy, generous size duck leg with very tender and moist meat. Perfectly cooked and seasoned and partnered with hearty ingredient as well. Must try.

Second favourite is their beef bourguignon. Yes, brunch food has elevated that high, that a dish normally fitted in French fine dining restaurant, now available on cafe for brunch. Not complaining, cause I love em that way. Melt in your mouth meat with rich, deep marinated flavour. What's not to love? Another top point is their sweet potato chips, so crunchy and the dipping sauce is equally as good.

Their menu on zomato is not the same as the one in the cafe, so I hope they update it soon cause the current menu is so much more interesting. I honestly, would like to try more and of course more of their cakes as well. Their cakes are relatively light and not too sweet, so it's safe to order many of them cause finishing it would not be a hustle.

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Linger Patisserie Cafe
101 Bowen St
Camberwell VIC 3124