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Wellzones GF is just like it's name a place specialise in gluten free products. Owned by a passionate team of husband and wife, Ivan & Liwe is a wonderful parent of two. They have went through the worse in 2011, when their 10 year old son had been diagnosed with the Coeliac disease and his younger brother also showing medical problems as well.

They know changes to be made but their family love food and they know this new life style would be challenging. This is where Wellzone finally comes to fit into the space where being gluten free and consuming healthy food without sacrificing the taste. They use carefully selected  ingredients, they promise to try their very best to source from the organic, free range, fair trade and local producers.

My uncle works in Wellzone and said the owner would love to make an appointment with me. Liwe contacted me personally and we get along instantly on the phone. After a view scheduling, I finally made it. Love the cafe on the first sight, it's bright, open and homey.

Lemongrass Chicken Soup - Nutritious Lemongrass Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles, Turmeric, Other Herbs & Spices ($16.5). We call this soto ayam in Indonesia and this is a healthy as well as refine version of it. The broth was light and fresh yet still holds resemblances to Indonesian soto ayam, I reckoned this soup would still be nice on summer days. Generous noodles making sure you are full for the day ahead.

Bacon & Cheese Spicy Chipotle - Bacon (glazed in Maple Syrup) & Cheese, House-made Chipotle Sauce on Chia Bread ($12). This is my all time favourite out of all!! Oh myyy that chipotle sauce... So delicious, creamy and flavourful together with juicy crispy bacon, what more do I need?? Topped with chia healthy bread, indulgent and nutritious food in one. Yes pls!

Chicken Pie -Free Range Chicken Ragout with Egg Slice topped with Potato Mash and Vegan Pie - Vegetable Ragout topped with Sweet Potato Mash ($9/ea). Their chicken pie is basically what we called pastel tutup in Indonesia. My kid loves it so much that I bought more the next week for his lunch. I still love the original chicken pie more but seriously the vegan taste good too especially with extra sweetness from the sweet potato.

One of the main thing that Liwe son's love is sweets and it's not easy to find a good sweets that is still gluten free with a reasonable prices. Here's another solution for you, I gladly proclaims they do have delicious sweet goodies. I'm not gluten free and I still love it. They have brownies, Cupcakes, Cookie, Donut, Macaron, Mini Tart. My most favourite is their chocolate coffee cupcake as well as blueberry cupcakes. Their donut and brownies are a bit dense for my taste but the flavour is still there.

On top of that, they also do custom cakes, dessert tables, events/corporate catering and more. They are more than willing to suits your need. Yes, all gluten free and healthy product tend to be on the higher side of the price but all the ingredients and efforts are much greater as well. And it's all for your health. It's personal for Ivan & Liwe and they take your health seriously, just the same as they take their son's well being seriously. Sceptical about gluten free choices? My recommendation is to try some of Wellzone goodies first before any where else.

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