Unabara Lobster & Oyster Bar - Melbourne Central (Invited)

Friday, August 10, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Unabara Lobster & Oyster Bar as it names says, it specialise in lobster and oyster. When their first store open in Emporium, I jolt in joy cause I always miss Red Lobster from America and there's none Lobster bar like that in Melbourne. I see a lot of potential and I have to say from my first visit, I love them.

Finally, they open another store in Melbourne Central then the invitation came in. They have special menu, lobster ramen that I have to try. So yea, I came in without any hesitation. Deluxe Unabara Lobster Sapporo Miso Ramen ($26.9). It looks so appetising with the big half lobster hanging on top of the ramen but sadly, the flavour does not deliver. The broth was watery and needed much more punch, the lobster was okay but a lil bit overcooked and I can tell it's not as fresh as I want it to be.

Grilled Whole Boston lobster ($49.9). This is the dish I like from my previous visit. Well, the super delicious bread is still there as well as perfectly cooked egg. But the bisque have stronger fishy taste to it and the lobster was dry.

Coffee Parfait with cotton candy. This was the star of the meal. I love their parfait and would like to try other flavours. They also got other exciting drinks. This mocktail with cotton candy, love em so much, I drink the whole jug by my self.

I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the whole experience. The service from beginning to end was average to low, not too friendly and not too attentive. Some even speaks minimal English. Then there's stuff on the menu that's not available such as the large lobster. Plus the lack of freshness and flavour on the dish. Seriously, I hope they improved it soon cause I do think they have a great potential as a lobster bar.

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Unabara Lobster & Oyster Bar
La Trobe St & Swanston Street
Melbourne VIC 3000