Tokosan (Invited)

Thursday, August 23, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Tokosan is the same place and people that used to be Toko. They decided to rebrand and change the whole menu to something else. It still has it's Japanese flair but more casual fitting to the younger crowd and a bit of party vibe.

I love the venue, stepping in you feel lifted up and a bit naughty. Just because of the dim lighting, interior and music. It's fitting for large group of people and functions. They do have a unique colourful trademark on top of their bar and courtyard. That, I love so much.

Starting off with two drinks chosen by their bartender; Pretty Riki - absolut, soho, lychee juice, lime, sugar ($17) and Nikki Bell - beefeater gin, pimms, strawberry liqueur, apple, lime, sugar ($18). Both of them were pretty strong, I must say. So if you like it like that than you' love it. I love nikki bell more cause I prefer gin rather than vodka.

Inside Out Rolls - salmon, avocado, cucumber, mayo, caviar ($14.5/6pcs) and Chicken Skin Skewers - sichimi, lime ($10.4/2pcs). Sadly, both of them were pretty average. The sushi roll basically taste good but the same as any sushi roll, I needed a lil bit more wow factor and the chicken skin taste more like flour rather than chicken skin it self.

Sweet Eggplant Miso - nori, chilli, sesame seeds ($14.9) and Seared Tuna Sashimi - yuzu, ponzu, truffle ($22.9). The sweet eggplant taste more spicy than sweet even though the eggplant was perfectly cooked. Love the tuna, I would have more of the sauce then it would elevate the dish even more.

Tokosan Greville Devil Chicken Wings - kojuchan chilli sauce, panko crumb, sesame seeds ($13.6). They were not kidding when they say it's spicy. It is spicy but delicious. Crispy outer layer and tender inside. Yum.

Flounder Karaage - flounder pieces, snow peas, chilli ponzu ($28.5). This is our favourite out of all the dish. Presentation wise, it's smart and creative. It's a whole flounder but no too big. Crispy and perfectly cooked with fresh chilli ponzu sauce. I can eat it all day.

Yamazaki Sundae Split - ice cream, wafer, honeycomb, Japanese whisky foam, nutella ($15). Comes in a giant glass of martini. Love that aspect so much and I requested the ice cream to be green tea cause my friend wants it. But the star was the Japanese whisky foam. Oh my!! I could eat that any day all day.

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+6139521 3155
142 Greville St
Prahran VIC 3181