Platform 3 - Carnegie (Revisted-Invited)

Tuesday, August 07, 2018 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Brunch place that so close to the station is always makes me happy because it is so easy to reach. The cafe is just a perfect place for meeting or hang out because of the chill ambience and bring the moods up when the natural light fulfill the room.



First we start with coffee indeed. My partner ordered flat white which is one of the best flat white he ever had, it is so smooth and gentle in the mouth.

I got the taro latte, its sounds interesting and I know it will be a cute purple in my glass. The taro is good but need more taro flavour because it tasted more like steamed milk with sagoo and taro powder. 


We got the big breakfast which is a bit of everything in the plate ($22). It has poached egg, grilled tomato, bacon, hash brown, greek salad, chorizo, mushroom on sourdough and comes with relish. This meal totally filling enough for someone whose hungry but the relish is quite too sweet. 


Next we got chilli scramble ($17). This dish is a bit light in flavour with the sweetness from the corn. The chilli mayonaise is deffinitely a booster for the meal and I think chilli scramble never goes wrong as its really classic and simple. 



We also ordered their pan-seared calamari ($19.5). This unexpected calamari is the highlight of the day! I can tell the calamari is really fresh. The texture super soft, crunchy outside, and not chewy at all; really easy to bite. It comes with compliment greek salad and it is refreshing. 



After all the orders came out, suddenly the waitress gave us one extra dish which is their signature zucchini corn fritters ($15). The corn fritters reminds me of Indonesian dish called “Bakwan Jagung” especially the shape are literally the same. This dish is really mind blowing because I thought it will be another savoury dish, however, the taste are more to sweet rather than salty. The fritters are sweet from the corn especially compliment with their sweet chilli-jam. 


Totally will visit Platform 3 if I’m around and the price is really worth it for their huge portion. 


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Platform 3
+6139572 4605
5/23 Koornang Rd
Melbourne VIC 3163

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  1. Hello there, love your blog and your reviews of all these places I want to try.

    Please I cant see the pictures here, wondering what their food looks like, carnegie isnt too far to try :D