1000 Lire (Invited)

Monday, August 20, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

1000 Lire has been running for over 2 years. It has a very spacious space, making it suitable for large groups as well as families. They also own private room for hire and they recently  become available for delivery with ubereats and foodora. What impressed me at first was their Pizza is prepared in the middle of the restaurant with traditional oven, where everybody can witness it! How cool!

When I saw the menu, I thought the price was reasonable and I still thought that at the end with the portion they have given us. In terms of location, it' located in the midst of busy street of restaurants in Fitzroy North. Making it strategic, walking distance from tram stop; easily reachable with public transport and lots of parking spots along the street. As well as easily spotted with large sign from the restaurant.

All the food we got that day were all recommended by the staff. Started with calamari fritti($16), served in small cuttings of calamari; perfectly seasoned with salt and deep fried. It was perfectly cooked that the calamari is not chewy, yet very tender.  Small cuttings make it perfect for bite sized appetiser while waiting for the pizza, and makes you don't want to stop eating!

1000 lire pizza rosse ($24). Love the tomato base and pizza crust, perfect thinness and cook for the crust - I like it has slight burnt at the edge. Great balance of classic combination of cheese, tomato base, and prosciutto, with slight refreshing taste from the rockets.

Red cabbage, iceberg, apple, walnuts, and orange salad ($12), The salad was very well balanced with lots of components contributing to various flavour and texture to the dish. Love the diced apple that contributes sweetness and crunchiness to the salad, yet very refreshing with the orange adding great acidity. Great refreshing salad to accompany a rich pizza dish, though not a big fan of the walnuts as it was slightly bland and not crunchy.

Chai pannacotta at the end comes with great presentation. Pannacotta was very smooth and creamy, with refreshing spice kick from the chai itself, yet not overpowering. Perfectly paired with orange tuile that is crunchy and acidic yet sweet, providing great contrast of texture and flavour. The fresh strawberry gives more refreshing taste to the dish.

We love their service,we were welcomed by their friendly staff the moment we stepped in. The staff that served us was highly knowledgeable about the menu, recommending the highly favourite dish and able to describe and explain certain dish to the customer who is not familiar with the dish.

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1000 Lire
+6139077 7332
211-213 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North VIC 3068