Sardi (Revisited-Invited)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sardi is a brunch place located in Kew which is one of the most elite suburb in Melbourne. I have been there many times and always a good experience come from it. The owner is also a friendly and chatty guy that likes to talk to blogger.

It took around 5 minutes walking from tram stop to reach the cafe. The space is quite big and has a homie vibes and it is popular amongst their neighbourhood. I would want to live in this kind of neighbourhood for sure.

We ordered the Wild Mushroom Ragout. The wild mushroom is so creamy and got a very strong herbs flavour. It could be categorized as a heavy dish to eat especially with all the carbs included(sourdough). This dish has a very balance taste between the sweetness and the saltiness. 

Next savoury dish is the special of the day which is Smokey Lamb Stew ($16). Skip this meal if you don’t like lamb because it has a very strong lamb taste and smokey flavour. It also has a strong pepper taste which is perfect for winter companion. The caramelized onion make the dish has a bit bitter touch but also slightly sweet from their macadamia and it is crunchy indeed. The dish brings a harmony when you eat all of the components with the creamy egg yolk and a lemon to balance. 

We ordered chocolate waffles as a “dessert” which we expected not too big but ended up they gave us a huge portion that won’t disappoint you. The good-side of the dish is not too sweet but a strong taste of the chocolate. The brownies and its ice cream are sweet enough, thus, it doesn’t clash with the waffles. To be honest it needs a bit of improvement on the waffles dough which supposed to be more airy not too dense. 

I can tell the chefs, the owner, and the team put their heart on the dish and it is something precious that customer looking for. 

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Monday-Friday: 7.30am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

111 Church St
Hawthorn, VIC 3122