Rice Workshop (Invited)

Friday, July 27, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Rice Workshop has been opened in Melbourne for several years, starting with this one lil store in Little Bourke. Quickly, they expand their wings and opened several more all over Melbourne. Now, they have a total of 12 store.In late May, I was contacted by Rice Workshop to taste their brand new menu that's going to be available for winter. Rice Workshop has joined forces with Michelin Chef Masahiko Yomoda to create a delicious donburi dish for under $10!

I was told to pick an appointment on any of their store so I picked Emporium. But on the day, I went in and nobody knows what's going on and they don't even have that dish on the store. Call in the marketing company and it seems there's a miss communication, so they asked me to make another appointment. I did, at Chadstone but turns out the dish is only available at their original store Chinatown.

So finally, on July I went in to the Chinatown store. Again, all the staff still so confuse, unprepared and I honestly hate and invite like this. That make me feel so awkward at the store. But finally, the manager came down from upstair and take care of the order. Starting with the new dish; Roast Wagyu Beef Donburi dish with two sauces to choose from, signature sweet sauce and truffle aioli. They did not ask me which sauce I want and so I assumed it's the truffle aoili. The sauce was good but the beef was so dry. I always love the idea of creamy truffle and the sauce deliver just that, so I would be happy if they have this sauce on more of their dishes.

I also ordered some of their favourites; Teriyaki Salmon, KFC, Gyoza and Fried Ebi. The salmon was cooked well and the sauce was generous as well as the seaweed. rice workshop, the price was is really cheap and guarantee fulfilling portions as well. Then the quality over the years, mostly consistent and the size does not shrink over time like so many other restaurants. Then come the gyoza, as always with Gyoza also nice and tasty. I love that you can buy them per piece so it's suits your craving either for snacks or main meal. Last but not the least is the fried ebi, yummed. Who doesn't love fried ebi right? The fried ebi was not too oily but crispy. Oh, actually we got one more and it's the KFC. I need crunchier batter and less oily with a lil bit more flavour as well so the KFC definitely need improvement.

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Rice Workshop
+619650 6663
238 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000