Messina x Wonderbao By HWKR (Invited)

Saturday, July 14, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Messina x Wonderbao By HWKR is the new addition to HWKR, replacing the might KOI from Sydney. Good bye, Poernomo brothers, say hello to our very own local champion. We have been witnessing their amazing collaboration in these couple years at the Night Noodle Market. So, who doesn't get excited, when they get their permanent stall, at least for the next three months. It's still way longer than the festival.

Crispy Pork Belly Bao Kit ($16). As expected from the might Wonderbao, this dish is amazing. Super crispy pork belly with tender meat without being to oily with fluffy warm bao and generous salad as well as sauce. Must order guys! Going for their green curry and roast duck bao kit next time.

Macaron Gelato Sandwich filled with cream cheese gelato which I would like a little bit more stronger in the cheese flavour, passionfruit insert which can get icy so let it melt down a bit. Topped with yellow macaron. Delicious and fresh.

Cocoa Nib Cake. This one filled with cocoa nib gelato, nougat and nut insert, chocolate chiffon, cocoa nib dip, caramel and vanilla chantilly, lime gel. So different than the last dish, this one is more rich and decadent. Same deliciousness but different style.

Next time, I would love to come at night, after 5pm to be exact to try the made to order dessert. Honestly, from the menu I want them all. Starting from the chocolate orange souffle to Thai tea why tea and puff puff pastry or even their baonuts. So yea, I'll be back soon.

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Messina x Wonderbao By HWKR
137 A'Beckett St
Melbourne VIC 3000