Mansae Korean BBQ & Bar (Invited)

Thursday, July 26, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Mansae Korean BBQ & Bar is a brand new Korean BBQ place in A'Beckett St. Very strategic place and so far there's none in the area except a lil further away. So competition wise, they are pretty safe. The restaurant is nicely done, bright, sleek and modern unlike most Korean BBQ place with heavy wood decoration through out the restaurant.
The place is also family friendly, high chair available and there's not much smoke floating. There's some but not over whelming either. So it's pretty safe to bring your toddler in with you. They also have plastic plates and cutleries. Another plus for this place. But, they also served all kind of rice wine and shoju. We tried their peach rice wine, oh my love em. It's like drinking juice with no taste of alcohol at all, but be careful once it will get you tipsy.

The chef already have some menu in mind so I decided to follow, adding just two choices of my own for the kids. Here we go, starting with appetizers; Fried Rice Cake Sticks ($8) and Corn Cheese ($10). I'm not a fan of rice cake sticks but seriously, fried them and I fall in love with them. Crunchy, chewy with a lil spiciness from the sauce. Yum! Corn cheese? No need explanation. I'm sold.

Jap-chae ($18) and Budae Jiggae ($34). Jap-chae is sweet so it's perfect for kids, my kid loves em, I also do. Nicely done. Then spicy sausages and ham spicy stew come in. It comes in a generous size, perfect to share for five person. I personally needed a lil bit more spices in the broth and spam. Mainly taste sour, lack of the other flavourful taste normally present in Korean stew.

Here comes the main course; Wagyu Cube Roll ($37), Marinated Wagyu Beef Belly ($21) and Plain Prime Pork Shabu ($19). Honestly, I had no complain. I love meat. I love BBQ meat. So this is a treat for me. The wagyu cube roll is my fave cause it's not too fatty but still juicy enough and the pork shabu is a nice alternative of less fatty pork belly.

Honestly. there's still more I want to try at Mansae, such as Yukhoe, Pork Belly, Ox Tounge and many many more. That's a prove of I like Mansae and I'm willing to come back as well as pay for it cause I think it's worth it.

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Mansae Korean BBQ & Bar
+6139939 9189
shop 9/120 A'Beckett St
Melbourne VIC 3000