Burn City Pop Up (Revisited-Invited)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Burn City Pop Up comes back! It started as a 3 months residency then 6 months last year, proven to be loved by many. I'm glad they decided to come back to Grand Hyatt. This year the dynamic duo; Steve Kimonides and Raphael Guthrie bring in some new exciting toys these time, it's their custom-built smoker.

I was so excited to be invited back since I love the first round. Started with mocktails then Fried Camembert - smoked apricot, thyme ($10) and Sweet Potato Crisps - French onion dip ($10) arrived on our table. The fried camembert exploded right after you bite them, so beware and have napkins stand by. You already know that I love their sweet potato crisps with the super delicious French onion dip.

Steak Tartare - potato lattice crisps ($15) and Wood Fried Pippies - smoked butter, garlic, parsley ($18). Their steak tartare somehow change a bit and I love the old version better, this one has a lil sense of heaviness that I don't necessarily like in tartare. The pippies are amazing, perfectly cooked and lightly seasoned but also flavourful.

Smoked Duck Leg - carrot, orange ($32) and Full Rack Baby Back Pork Rib - chipotle adobo ($52). Starting with the tender duck but somehow it has a strong orange flavour that is a bit too strong for me but the carrot puree was yummy. We were so excited about the baby back ribs but turns out they are pretty blend, I needed much more sauce with it even though the meat was tender.

Baked Whole Apple - walnut, cornflake crumble, frozen ricotta ($16), Smoked Chocolate Lava Cake - pepperberry crunch, cream ($18) and Victorian Bried Cheese Plate - quince paste, raisin toast, nuts, crackers ($12). Love the baked whole apple and always have, could eat two of this in a row. Wouldn't mind that at all. The lava cake is a new addition to the menu, the flavours was good but needed more lava flowing out from the cake.

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Burn City Smokers Pop Up
Grand Hyatt Hotel
119 Collins St
Melbourne, VIC 3000