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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

San Telmo it's a famous and popular Argentinean restaurant in Melbourne CBD, it has been there for numerous years. More than 10 years I must say, cause it's been popular since I first move to Melbourne in 2008. Back then, they are famous for their flan, they still are but then it was what made me insist to visit them asap with my boyfriend for a date.
This time, it's my birthday and it's my first birthday as a mom. Seriously, it's been a long time since I ate proper cook meat since during pregnancy I only allowed to eat well done. I hate it so much. So my husband decided to take me to eat a good chunk of meat, here we are at San Telmo.

Tartar: O’Connor’s flank tartare, egg yolk, potato crisps ($18). My favourite dish, ask my husband, everytime I saw beef tartare or carpaccio, I will always order them. Yes, I like raw meat that much. I think they are light, fresh and flavourful. San Telmo version of tartare it's elevated with the super crunchy potato crisps. Yum!

Tira de asado: O’Connor’s premium pasture fed beef short ribs ($30) and Morcilla: Spiced black sausage ($14). Both highly recommended. They really know how to cook their meat and make their flavour shine, that's all I can say because it's simply good and a plus point, they come in a generous size. As for their black sausage which mean blood sausage, it's probably the right place for you to try it if you haven't.

Cuadril de cordero: Pasture fed lamb rump spiced with coriander and chipotle | 250g ($35) and EntraΓ±a: O’Connor’s premium pasture fed hanger steak | 300g ($40). Both are highly recommended again. Truth to be told, I recommend everything I ate in San Telmo. The lamb was so tender and no smell at all, I don't mind eating this kind of lamb anyway. But the star obviously is their famous hanger steak. Nicely done, meat at their prime.

I honestly was dying at this point, food coma indeed. But we have to order their Flan: Dulce de leche crème caramel with salted peanut praline ($14). It just melt in your mouth with sweetness, as good as ever. I make a mistake in ordering their signature tea, unfortunately they are too bitter for me. Everything else was awesome.

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San Telmo
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