Chinacy (Invited)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Chinacy is Chinese food with Australian attitude. It's their tag line. Well, I think that's suits them nicely. It's a traditional Chinese dishes with just a slight fusion but the venue, is all modern casual dining restaurant. Complete with neon open bar and elegant seatings but welcome children and big family dinner.

I was suppose to come to their launching party but it hit's again. One of the many times that my kid and husband get's cough after we put our kid to childcare. Well, yes this is the famous adaptation time. They said your kid will get sick pretty often around a year since their first day in childcare. For us, it turns to be true. At least for the past three months.

We started with complimentary fried wonton and we also ordered Steamed Pork Bun with house made XO sauce ($6.5ea). No need to much comment on fried wonton cause we know everybody likes them. While the pork bun is good with rich strong filling and soft fluffy outside.

Chef’s Signature Crab & Prawn Fried Rice - Lap cheong sausage, egg, house-made X.O. sauce ($25). This is one of the recommendation by the staff and she was right. Delicious fried rice with some sweetness from the lap cheong without being to oily.

Sticky Stout Glazed Pork Spare Ribs - Chilli, white sesame ($18). The portion was small but still in the range of their price, so it's okay. The pork ribs was well seasoned but too tough, it needed to be much more tender.

Char-grilled Cape Grim Porterhouse Steak (MBS4+300gm) - Ginger, scallion sauce, chives, daikon ($45) and “Hainanese” White-Cut Chicken - soy, chilli ($32). The main were awesome, starting with the super soft tender chicken with enough soy for flavour and chilli to spice things up. Then the steak was even more awesome. Nice meat, treated perfectly as well as seasoned nicely and freshly with Asian flare.

Osmanthus & Jasmine Poached Pear - Orange granita, sesame tuile ($14). My first tough was, it's so sour but the freshness kick in and it wasn't too bad. I love the poached pear though. It's also very well presented.

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