Naughty Nush Smash Cake (Sponsored)

Thursday, March 29, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Naughty Nush Smash Cake is specialise in making the famous and fun smash cake. They are designed to smash and shatter then war for the lollies inside begin. They are made by chocolate shaped in a hollow shell then it can be shape and decorated to suit your occasion whether it's birthday, graduation, anniversary, office celebration, housewarming, bon voyage or anything at all.

I contacted Anthea when my son first birthday is approaching and she agree to do a collaboration with me. When this happen I actually already order their mini smash cupcake for the actual birthday date.

Then she decided to make the big smash space cake for the party, for all the children to get excited. It's basically like an edible pinata, so fun and it definitely create a cheer as well as lively environment on your party.

Naughty Nush also has other products, such as donut and traditional cakes. You can order their product online or call Anthea directly via the number available on the website. She will gladly answer all of your questions and possibly making your dreams come true.

Naughty Nush Smash Cake
9 Yertchuk Ave
Ashwood VIC 3147