Naughty Nuri's Melbourne (Revisited-Invited)

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I was so excited when the first time Naughty Nuri's decided to open their branch in Melbourne. Even more excited when they invited me in to come. Now, long after their opening days. They decided to add some new creation and here I am again, invited in.

Having had only yoghurt for breakfast and lunch, I was ridiculously excited for dinner. It had been a long day and I was so happy when they offered us their signature cocktails based on famous couples. I ordered the Ellen Portia which had rum, pineapple and coconut cream and had the colour of minty green. It tasted of candy - not the overly sweet ones - it was like those yoghurt candy ones which was amazing!

We were served appetisers which I'm so grateful for as my stomach was way too empty for the delish cocktail. We tried the Tuna Appetisers which had marinated diced raw tuna with avocado puree served in a wonton cone. Whilst it's not exactly Indonesian, I loved the cheeky wonton cone which went well with the tuna! The Spanner Crab served with a crispy basil leaf was also a nice, light start to our dinner. My favourite though, was the Mushroom Croquette. So decadent with its crisp coating and its rich bechamel, mushroom and bbq-lime sauce! I glared at my partner as he attempted to take a cut off mine. That was how good it was. 

We then moved on to our mains. First up was the Beef Shortribs with the beautiful roasted  cauliflower. I don't usually attach the word beautiful to vegetables - but the roasted cauliflower did look very pretty and was so deliciously smokey. The short ribs were cooked well and everyone in our table enjoyed tucking in to it with their bare (or gloved) hands.

We were also served their Nasi Goreng, Beef Rendang and Stir Fried Mushrooms and Eggplant. The Nasi Goreng and Rendang was alright - personally, I think it could've used some more sweet soy sauce and a more wok-charry taste to it. Having been raised on nasi goreng and rendang as an Indonesian, I have unfortunately high standards for my nasi goreng and rendang though! I was really full at this point so I couldn't eat a lot of the mushrooms and eggplant! 

Apricot sphere, coconut ice cream, rhubarb puree, violet candy on chocolate soil with liquorice herbs. The presentation was simple, but the flavour was everything but. The more you dig into the soil… Dig into the soil, get it? The more treasures you discover. At first it was a stroll among the liquorice herbs. Then you found Apricot sphere that marks the spot, where you dig to find precious violet candy, floating upon the underground stream of rhubarb puree. That dish was an adventure, more complex than it meets the eye. For me, the highlight was the precious violet candy. It was sweet in the most sophisticated way, calling it a candy was a classification error.

The mango pudding was less of a spectacle. Each of the elements tasted exactly the way they meant to taste, but the cohesive whole was not more than the sum of its part. It was a nice experience, on top of that you know your in Melbourne when the chef is from Mauritius, but Chinese, cooking a fusion Indonesian dish.

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Naughty Nuri's
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