Le Clec (Invited)

Saturday, March 31, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

We arrived at Le Clec at 2; our bellies ready for late lunch! With their stroller and pet -friendly courtyard, don't be fooled by the seemingly small appearance of Le Clec because it does expand to the back! Props to the owner for keeping such a pretty succulent garden in the courtyard!

Our drinks came really quickly - my Peach Sake Jelly Frappe was just amazing on the 35 degree weather today. Super fizzy with the light sourness of the peach. Delish. Ready preparing our palate for some delish meal.

The first round of food started coming out and I tried the Sweet Potato Rosti with confit mushroom, mint pea puree, poached egg, porcini crumb and grilled haloumi. The rosti went well with the porcini crumb and the saltiness of the haloumi. The Son In Law Benedict was simple but well done with its crisp-gooey pan fried boiled egg and the savoury ham hock.

Then it was time for our second round of food. Ding ding ding. There was a lot of food, but I didn't get to try all the different components, so I'll just talk about the ones I did! First up was the Hippy Salad. It came with tuna sashimi, avo and edamame on a bed of black rice. Beautifully presented with its splash of colours, the fresh flavours equally went well with one another. Next up was the Coconut-Palm Sugar Beef Ribs with charred corn salad, nahm jim dressing. The ribs were fall of the bone good, and the marinade seeped in well into all crevices of the ribs. Definitely my favourite! The Grain Salad was also an excellent, fresh accompaniment to the ribs. One of my favourites for today was also the super smokey, intense Chipotle Mayonnaise that came with a side of chips. Our table mates equally loved it and I just couldn't resist dipping my fries for more. If they started selling this mayonnaise by the tub, I'll be a loyal customer.

My favourite dish was the dessert, the Toasted Brioche, for one reason and one reason only. Kaiser Bacon. The cut was thick, but overly thick. There’s, I think, only one way to describe it, if there’s wagyu for pork, this is it. Maybe it is my own fault, but I think the desert was not really balanced, tipping on the sweet side. It is kinda my own fault because I finished the bacon by themselves. They are that good.

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Le Clec
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