Burnley Brewing (Invited)

Friday, March 16, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Burnley Brewing is a unique bar located just across the tram station and Amora Hotel Riverwalk  in Richmond which is very convenient to reach this location. Perfect for an after work drink or casual office functions or even a nice stop before the game.

Quite spacey room with a lot of cute decoration. I came here on the day time but I can feel the party and chill vibes surrounded. They are suitable for a large group as they have sofa and high tables and chairs. 

Because I had some foods and drinks before I came to this place, I decided to ordered the sharing platter expected it won't be a big portion. Neil who was very hospitable also suggested us to get a beer palette thus we can try diverse type of their own beer.

He took us to the beer journey. Start from left clockwise we got Pilsner, Pale Ale, Vienna Lager, West Coast IPA, Double IPA, and Dry Stout.I started from the lightest which is Pilsner. It was soft, very light in the mouth but I still feel the crunchPale Ale that I tasted was fruity yet soft, I feel girls will like this type of beer. This is an enjoyable beer if you don't want a typical beer flavour. 

Move to Vienna Lager, it was flavourless with a bit touch of bitterness and it is mild.West Coast IPA is not good as its colour. I can say it is a man beer where there is no flavour and bitter without fruity flavour.Double IPA is my favourite. It is dry, bitter but if I can describe it, that was a handsome beer. It is so good and we can taste a bit of pomelo.Dry Stout is very good as well. It is dry, I can taste coffee in it and a hint of burn chocolate.

Here come to the food platter. First that caught my eyes was calamari. The texture is smooth and soft in the mouth. It is more tender than chewy which make this as a sexy dish. Not too salty and just right with the herbs butter.

Even though the colour unconvincing, the sausages tasted awesome. It is definitely a perfect dish to blend with Vienna Lager which is mild. Their sausages is a right choice of dish to have a long conversation with because it can't be finished just in one go. The hot chicken wings are also good but too sour and the spiciness kicked your tongue. 

Sticky lamb ribs become my second favourite after the calamari. The sweetness just right and this is the food where the flavour and all the components will suit the best for locals' taste. Be ready for the meatball, I named this dish "the silent killer". The first 5 seconds you taste it will be fine and afterwards be ready for the spiciness will kicked your mouth. I enjoyed the burst of flavour from the balls.

Zucchini and gorgonzola arancini with aioli- it is a crunchy but believe me it is light. Indeed it looks dry but it melt in your mouth and the sauce blended so well.

Come to the conclusion, the entire plate are perfect for someone who enjoy to explore the food. It come with gradual taste palate from very mild - to a very strong persona of each. I would recommend the share platter if you want to have a taste a bit of everything in the menu, and can't wait to come back to taste their main!

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Burnley Brewing
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Richmond VIC 3121