Burma Lane (Revisited-Invited)

Thursday, March 01, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Burma Lane has been in Melbourne for quite some time and it's the sister of the famous Red Spice Road. We are invited to taste some of their new creation, starting with Unpearable Pun. Gin-based, pear cocktail that tasted amazing! So refreshing with just the right kick of alcohol. Not sure how, but they've really managed to create this sort of bubblegummy flavour based on pear. So very good.

We also tried the Oka Negroni which was Burna Lane's take on the negroni. It was quite refreshing with its strong citrus notes but I still loved the Unprarable Pun more!

First up was the water chestnut doughnut with duck filling and a sour cherry 'sauce' on the bottom. At first sniff, it smells a whole lot like those deepfried chinese doughnuts you get at dimsum. When you cut into it though, you could really smell the gaminess of the duck. The sauce worked surprisingly well with the duck, but personally I just don't really enjoy the taste of gamier ducks.

Our second appetizer was the adorable-looking beef tartare, delicately topped with quail egg, kohlrabi cream and served on paratha. There doesn't seem to be any mint listed on this dish, but for some reason, I just felt that there was too much mint going on. The overall flavours were quite bland especially compared to the duck doughnuts

Pork Belly. Here comes the main. The pork belly was soft and crunchy. The skin was crisp, as any good pork belly should be, yet the meat was not though at all, which was not an easy thing to achieve. Kudos on them. I think of honey on pork belly was a very western touch, which I like. Combined with the spring onion and the red vinegar, they managed to achieve a very balanced taste.

Carrot salad. The pairing with pork belly was perfect. The caramelized carrot was balanced with the sweet pomegranate seed, while the lentil keeps everything fresh. I love paneer, and although I can actually see them there, I can’t really distinguish it in my mouth when combined with everything else. This will be my go to dish whenever I want to relish myself with something healthy.

The snapper was a highlight for me. For starter, I do love everything seafood. To top it all, the coconut foam was literally the cream on top. However, red sauce took me by surprise. It reminds me of my childhood, eating seafood from a street stall back in Jakarta. The taste was replicated with very high fidelity. If your tongue is craving for south east Asian seafood, you have found the right place, right in Melbourne.

The papaya salad was a nice way to close the dish. Refreshing, although not memorable. I would not be able to tell if this is from Burma Lane, or any other Thai establishment in Melbourne. I won’t put this against them though, food in Melbourne are very good, it is a privileged to be able to do food blogging here. There are just way too many good Thai places to make a papaya salad stands out.

I actually cannot taste the lemongrass in the lemongrass cheese cake. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, I’m curious as to what it would taste like. On the other hand, I’m afraid I might not like it. With that being said, I found myself liking the cake. It wasn’t too sweet, nicely balanced with the creaminess. The texture from the cashew crumble brought out the texture that makes me craves for more.

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Monday-Friday: 12pm-3pm & 5pm-10pm
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Burma Lane
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