Angus & Bon (Invited)

Saturday, March 03, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

We were gladly to be invited in the launch party in Angus & Bon, Prahran. The suburb itself is very fancy and full of bars and cafes, however Angus & Bon is standout compared to others with their classic modern interior and exterior design. As soon as we arrived, we’re welcomed by the friendly host and we’re given a menu and free flow drinks for both alcohol and non alcohol. It was very fun grand opening party with the live music. The band didn’t just stand in one spot, they kept wondering, playing and dancing with other guests which made the vibe and environment were much more fun.

First thing to do, we ordered the drink and the moment you ordered the drink to the bar, you hardly missed the fresh oysters in the big container full of ice to keep it cold. They were generously served on top of bar table with homemade spice and fresh lemon. If you loved eating fresh seafood, I am sure that you don’t want to miss this one.

Our first drink was “Breaking the Rules”, I was attracted by the name, so catchy. The drink was uniquely served in a small bottle and off course with the whiskey glass and rocks. The drink was smooth and not too strong at the beginning. The taste was really great and rich; Personally, I liked it.
The following lists are the drinks that you could order in the bar;Black Velvet (Prosecco, porter beer), Prosecco, Castro Martin Albarino, Arfion Spring (pinot noir), Side Gate Reserve (shiraz), Breaking the Rules (whiskey, walnut, fig, banana, spice), Stomping Ground Pale Ale, Aperol Spritz, Soft Drinks and Mocktails.

Surely, we didn’t order only alcohol drinks because we’d like to explore what their specialty in non alcoholic drink. The next drink we ordered was Aperol Spritz. Initially, we didn’t know this drink until many people ordered those drinks. The drink was nicely presented with the fruits inside, the taste was also great. It was funny that we didn’t know what the name of the drink and we’re just pointing other people’s drink to order it. At first, the taste was slightly odd but it’s getting better though.

The following lists were the food served in the entire event; Oysters - Blackmans Bay, Sydney Rock, Smokey Bay. Tuna Tartare, Snapper ceviche, Gazpacho, Wood grilled prawns, Wood grilled swordfish, Pork Rillette, Confit Lamb ribs, Beef short rib, Lamb Chops & Cutlets, O’Conner’s Porterhouse with Bearnaise, O’Conner’s Skirt with Chimichurri, Blackmore’s Wagyu Chuck, O’Conner Rib eye, Chocolate Mousse and Doughnuts with lime curd.

Personally, the meats (O’Conner’s Skirt with Chimichurri, Blackmore’s Wagyu) weren’t our likings due to overcooked on the plates served on our table. We weren’t sure whether it’s happening to other invitees or not. They served the high quality meat, despite of the bitter taste coming due to over grilled but you could still taste how tender and juicy the meats were. Luckily, Chuck Beef short rib was perfectly cooked and seasoned well.

The highlight was also the Wood grilled prawns. The prawns were grilled well and smells nice. It was so tender and seasoned well. Unfortunately, we had one prawn as everyone was targeting the prawns. I’d say that this is one of the recommended dish that you should order.

However, the star of tonight was the desserts, it was about 30 minutes before the launch party was over. They served Chocolate Mousse and Doughnuts.They were absolutely fantastic, the Chocolate Mousse had rich and smooth taste. They were perfectly made.The doughnuts were made in small size. Surely, it wasn’t enough to have one doughnut only due to the great taste. The taste was balance and it wasn’t too sweet, when you ate them with the lime curd. Wow! You could taste the sweet and sour taste. They were served in warm and freshly cooked.

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Angus & Bon
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