Omi (invited)

Friday, January 12, 2018 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Omi is the home of premium wagyu rice bowls located in Chadston's food court. They pride them self in sourcing their wagyu only from the finest local suppliers in Victoria and Tasmania such as renown Sher Wagyu and Robbins Island Wagyu Beef. Raised on a unique all-natural grain diet, free of antibiotics and hormones. They also only serve MBS 9+ rating which is impressive. MBS 9+ refers to the Marbling - the fat found in a cut of meat between the muscle fibre.

Black Truffle Wagyu ($15.9). The wagyu it self was slice quite thin making it quite tender but slightly over cooked. I would want it a couple minutes earlier than it would be perfect. The truffle sauce is quite strong and enjoyable with the rice.

Salmon with Mentaiko ($15.9). This is my favourite and I have eaten three portions of this ever since. Perfectly cooked and seasoned salmon with super tasty and creamy mentaiko. Mentaiko is created by marinating pollock roe in sake, konbu and yuzu, then lightly fermented for several hours. My favourite sauce ever. I just wish they give more of it in the bowl.

Salted Egg Chicken Karaage ($13.5) and Salted Egg Fries ($6.9). This is my husbands favourite. Strong generous salted egg sauce over crunchy yet tender chicken. My only comment on the fries is that they are delicious and addictive.

Houjicha and Green Tea Creme Brulee ($4.9/ea). Both dessert are delicious, super creamy, super smooth with strong taste. I somehow love the houjicha more than the green tea since it has a more aromatic feel to it.

The price point is relatively cheap for what claim to be MBS 9+ and I honestly pretty happy with all the flavour presented in the bowl. All the small things such as onsen egg, sesame seeds, seaweed, pickle and all that added a necessary flavour to the bowl not just for show. I say Omi is worth coming back for, truth to

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1341 Dandenong Rd
Malvern East VIC 3145